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The Books of 1998, Part III
by John O'Neill

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As noted in this issue's SF Insite column, here at the SF Site we're busily preparing a list of the genre work that most impressed us this year. In the meantime, here's your chance to select the best SF and Fantasy books published in 1998. Below is a list of nearly 800 titles from over thirty publishers with a 1998 publication date -- virtually every book we received in the last twelve months. Those marked with a blue flag have been reviewed by our writers and editors.

Select from this list, or add your own choices, and send your votes by e-mail to john@sfsite.com. And remember to drop by in thirty days to see how well your selections jive with the writers and editors of the SF Site. You know where to find us.

September, 1998

Tor: The Best of Crank!, edited by Bryan Cholfin (hardcover)
Tor: Heartlight, Marion Zimmer Bradley (hardcover)
Del Rey: Departures, Harry Turtledove
Del Rey: Timecop: Viper's Spawn, Dan Parkinson
Looking Glass Books: Zollocco: A Novel of Another Universe, Cynthia Joyce Clay (e-book)
Avon/EOS: Scent of Magic, Andre Norton (hardcover)
Warner Aspect: The Merlin Mystery, Jonathan Gunson & Marten Coombe (art, hardcover)
Avon EOS: White Light, William Barton and Michael Capobianco (trade paperback)
Magic Carpet/Harcourt Brace: A Gathering of Gargoyles, Meredith Ann Pierce
Magic Carpet/Harcourt Brace: The Moon of Gomrath, Alan Garner
Tor: Legends, edited by Robert Silverberg (hardcover)
Avon EOS: Black Swan, White Raven, edited by Datlow and Windling (trade paperback)
Avon EOS: Gambler's Star Book One: The Six Families, Nancy Holder
Avon EOS: Ribofunk, Paul di Filippo
Avon EOS: Future Indefinite, Dave Duncan
Avon EOS: The Silent Strength of Stones, Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Avon: Driving Blind, Ray Bradbury
Random House: Monster Munchies, by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Nate Evans (hardcover, kid's book)
Ace: Eating Memories, Patricia Anthony
Ace: Dragon Tempest, Don Callander
Ace: The Night Watch, Sean Stewart
Ace: Standing Wave, Howard V. Hendrix
St. Martin's Press: 253, Geoff Ryman (trade paperback)
Roc: Into the Fire, Dennis McKiernan (hardcover)
Roc: Into the Forge, Dennis McKiernan
Bantam Spectra: Star Trek: Vulcan!, Kathleen Sky
Bantam Spectra: The Guardian, Angus Wells
Bantam Spectra: Star Wars: Slave Ship, K.W. Jeter
Pocket: Resident Evil #1: The Umbrella Conspiracy, S.D. Perry
Pocket: Resident Evil #1: Caliban Cove, S.D. Perry
HarperPrism: Fugitive Prince, Janny Wurts
Tor: The Ghost of the Revelator, L.E. Modesitt, Jr. (hardcover)
Tor: Gravelight, Marion Zimmer Bradley (trade paperback)
Tor: Kar Kalim, Deborah Christian
Tor: Final Diagnosis, James White
Roc: If Wishes Were Horses, Anne McCaffrey (hardcover)
Roc: Stargate SG-1, Ashley McConnell
Roc: Sister to the Rain, Melisa Michaels
DAW: Owlsight, Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon (hardcover)
DAW: Owlflight, Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon
DAW: Beholder's Eye, Julie E. Czerneda
DAW: Battle Magic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Segriff
Four Walls Eight Windows: Lost Pages, Paul Di Filippo (trade paperback)
Tor: Secret Passages, Paul Preuss
Tor: Virus, S.D. Perry
Tor: Drum Calls, Jo Clayton
Tor: The Time of Feasting, Mick Farren
HarperPrism: Moonseed, Stephen Baxter (hardcover)
Tor: The Gift, Patrick O'Leary (trade paperback)
Tor: Future on Ice, edited by Orson Scott Card (hardcover)
Knopf: Count Karlstein, Philip Pullman (hardcover)
Ace: The Golden Globe, John Varley (hardcover)
Ace: Timeshare, Joshua Dann
Ace: Lucasfilm's Alien Chronicles #2: The Crimson Claw, Deborah Chester
Ace: Darkloom, Cary Osborne
Ace: Forever Peace, Joe Haldeman
Tor: Earthling, Tony Daniel (trade paperback)
Pocket: Star Trek New Frontier: The Captain's Table #5: Once Burned, Peter David
Pocket: Star Trek: The Captain's Table #6: Where Sea Meets Sky, Jerry Oltion
Del Rey: The Rivan Codex, David and Leigh Eddings (hardcover)
Del Rey: Bloom, Wil McCarthy (hardcover)
Del Rey: A Knight of the Word, Terry Brooks (hardcover)
Del Rey: Heroes Die, Matthew Woodring Stover
Del Rey: To Your Scattered Bodies Go, Philip Jose Farmer (trade paperback)
Del Rey: The Fabulous Riverboat, Philip Jose Farmer (trade paperback)
Del Rey: The Dark Design, Philip Jose Farmer (trade paperback)
Del Rey: The Magic Labyrinth, Philip Jose Farmer (trade paperback)
Del Rey: Black Horses for the King, Anne McCaffrey
Del Rey: Tales from Tethedril, edited by Scott Siegel
Harcourt Brace: Armageddon Summer, Jane Yolen & Bruce Coville (hardcover)
Hard Shell Word Factory: Dark Whispers, edited by Ivan S. Graves (e-book)
Ace: In the Shadow of the Gargoyle, edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and Thomas S. Roche (trade paperback)
Final Frontier Books: Kings of the High Frontier, Victor Koman (hardcover)
Eidolon Publications: Eidolon 25/26 (magazine, from Paul Riddell)
Eidolon Books: The Secret Life of Rubber-Suit Monsters, Robin Pen (non-fiction)

October, 1998

Bantam Spectra: One of Us, Michael Marshall Smith (hardcover)
Warner Aspect: Diplomacy of Wolves, Holly Lisle (trade paperback)
Avon EOS: Alpha Centauri, William Barton and Michael Capobianco
Avon EOS: The Wild Hunt: Vengeance Moon, Jocelin Foxe
Avon EOS: The Lanterns of God, Ron Sarti
Avon EOS: Krondor: The Betrayal, Raymond Feist (hardcover)
St. Martin's Press: The Witching Time, Jean Stubbs (hardcover)
St. Martin's Press: Vespers, Jeff Rovin (hardcover)
HarperPrism: Piercing the Darkness: Undercover With Vampires in America Today, K. Ramsland (hardcover)
Avon EOS: Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman (hardcover)
Avon EOS: The Gilded Chain, Dave Duncan (hardcover)
Del Rey: Stars and Stripes Forever, Harry Harrison (hardcover)
Houghton Mifflin: A Coming Evil, Vivian Vande Velde (hardcover)
Houghton Mifflin: The House on Hound Hill, Maggie Prince (hardcover)
Houghton Mifflin: Checkers, John Marsden (hardcover)
Forge: The Barrens and Others, F. Paul Wilson (hardcover)
Forge: Stinger, Nancy Kress (hardcover)
Forge: The Skins of Dead Men, Dean Ing (hardcover)
Forge: Big Rock Beat, Greg Kihn (hardcover)
Ace: Blue Moon, Laurell K. Hamilton
Scribner: Bag of Bones, Stephen King (hardcover)
Houghton Mifflin: A Killing Frost, John Marsden (hardcover)
Tor: Tea From an Empty Cup, Pat Cadigan (hardcover)
Tor: The Avram Davidson Treasury, edited by Robert Silverberg and Grania Davis (hardcover)
Tor: The Path of Daggers, Robert Jordan (hardcover)
Tor: The Dragon in Lyonesse, Gordon R. Dickson (hardcover)
Tor: The Outlanders, David B. Coe (hardcover)
Tor: Zombie Lover, Piers Anthony (hardcover)
Tor: Blood Roses, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (hardcover)
Pocket: Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Dominion War, Book One, John Vornholt
Pocket: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dominion War, Book Two, Diane Carey
Avon EOS: Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman
Avon EOS: In the Garden of Iden, Kage Baker
Avon EOS: Against Infinity, Gregory Benford
Avon EOS: Moonwar, Ben Bova
HarperPrism: Titan, Stephen Baxter
Riverhead Books: Ecstasy Club, Douglas Rushkoff (trade paperback)
Pocket: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, Zimmerman, Sternbach, Drexler (trade paperback)
Pocket: Star Trek The Next Generation: The Continuing Mission, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (trade)
Pocket: Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Dominion War, Book Three, John Vornholt
Pocket: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dominion War, Book Four, Diane Carey
Bantam Spectra: Noir, K.W. Jeter (hardcover)
Ace: Winter Tides, James P. Blaylock
Ace: The Flying Sorcerers, edited by Peter Haining
Ace: Mossflower, Brian Jacques
Berkley Boulevard: The Science of the X-Files, Jeanne Cavelos (trade paperback)
Knopf: Zebra and Other Stories, Chaim Potok (hardcover)
Tor: Starlight 2, edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden (hardcover)
Tor: The One-Armed Queen, Jane Yolen (hardcover)
Tor: Dragon, Steven Brust (hardcover)
HarperPrism: Hogfather, Terry Pratchett (hardcover)
Bantam Spectra: The Fey: Victory, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Bantam Spectra: Red Shadows, Yvonne Navarro
Bantam Spectra: Beyond the Pale, Mark Anthony (trade paperback)
Warner Aspect: Playing God, Sarah Zettel (hardcover)
Warner Aspect: The High House, James Stoddard
Warner Aspect: The Sci-Fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction, Roger Fulton & John Betancourt (trade)
HarperPrism: The Iron Lance, Stephen R. Lawhead (hardcover)
Forge: Bell, Book and Murder, Rosemary Edgehill (trade paperback)
Tor: Mind Changer, James White (hardcover)
HarperPrism: The Deer's Cry, Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (hardcover)
Avon EOS: The Invisible Country, Paul J. McAuley (trade paperback)
Ace: The Complete Fuzzy, H. Beam Piper (trade paperback)
Ace: Rose Daughter, Robin McKinley
Ace: Of Masques and Martyrs, Christopher Golden
Ace: Faraday's Orphans, N. Lee Wood
Ace: Nanotech, edited by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois
Avon EOS: Mission Child, Maureen F. McHugh (hardcover)

November, 1998

Tor: The Cleft and Other Odd Tales, Gahan Wilson (hardcover)
Four Walls Eight Windows: Extremities, Kathe Koja (hardcover)
Avon: Ahmed and the Oblivion Machines, Ray Bradbury, illustrated by Chris Lane (hardcover)
DAW: Green Rider, Kristen Britain (hardcover)
DAW: Mob Magic, edited by Brian Thomsen and Martin H. Greenberg
DAW: Sunderlies Seeking, Gayle Greeno
Roc: Deathstalker Honor, Simon R. Green
Roc: Invasion America: On the Run, Christie Golden
Pocket: Star Trek: The Tribble Handbook, Terry J. Erdmann (pocketbook)
Del Rey: Echoes of the Fourth Magic, R.A. Salvatore
Del Rey: Videssos Besieged, Harry Turtledove
Tor: Starfarers, Poul Anderson
HarperPrism: Dark Shadows: Angelique's Descent, Lara Parker
S&S/Aladdin: Countdown #1: January, Daniel Parker
S&S/Aladdin: Countdown #2: February, Daniel Parker
Bantam Spectra: Distraction, Bruce Sterling (hardcover)
HarperPerennial: Beyond Star Trek, Lawrence M. Krauss (trade paperback, non-fiction)
HarperPrism: Climb the Wind, Pamela Sargent (hardcover)
HarperPrism: Peter S. Beagle's Immortal Unicorn, edited by Peter S. Beagle and Janet Berliner
Avon Eos: Sam Gunn Forever, Ben Bova
Avon Eos: Keepers of the Hidden Ways, Book Three: The Crimson Sky, Joel Rosenberg
Avon Eos: Changer, Jane Lindskold
Bantam Spectra: Eyes of Silver, Michael A. Stackpole
Bantam Spectra: To Say Nothing of the Dog, Connie Willis
Bantam: Fear Nothing, Dean Koontz
Avon: The War Against the Angels, Michael Moorcock (trade paperback)
Ace: The Border, Marina Fitch
Ace: Illegal Alien, Robert J. Sawyer
Ace: Thoughts of God, Michael Kanaly
Ace: The First Casualty, Mike Moscoe
Tor: The Blood Jaguar, Michael H. Payne (hardcover)
Tor: Absolute Magnitude, Edited by Warren Lapine and Stephen Pagel (trade paperback)
St. Martin's Press: The Good New Stuff, edited by Gardner Dozois (trade paperback)
HarperPrism: Fortress of Owls, C.J. Cherryh (hardcover)
Ballantine Books: The Princess Bride: 25th Anniversary Edition, William Goldman (hardcover)
Altair Publishing: The Atrocity Shop, Kurt von Trojan (trade paperback)
Altair Publishing: Altair #2: August 1998 (magazine)
Bantam: Seize the Night, Dean Koontz (hardcover)

Early December, 1998

Warner Aspect: The Demon King, Chris Bunch
Warner Aspect: A Second Chance at Eden, Peter F. Hamilton
HarperPrism: Vacuum Diagrams, Stephen Baxter (trade paperback)
HarperEntertainment: Resist or Serve, Andy Meisler (The Official Guide to the X-Files, Volume 4, trade paper)
Roc: Black Oak #2: The Hush of Dark Wings, Charles Grant
Roc: The Lost Regiment #7: A Band of Brothers, William R. Forstchen
DAW: Wizard and Grove, Tanya Huff
DAW: The Shadow Matrix, Marion Zimmer Bradley
DAW: Legends: Tales from the Eternal Archives #1, edited by Margaret Weis
DAW: Spirit Fox, Mickey Zucker Reichert and Jennifer Wingert (hardcover)
DAW: Alien Pets, edited by Denise Little
DAW: The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, Diana Wynne Jones
DAW: Daughter of Darkness, Ed Gorman
Roc: Battletech: Twilight of the Clans VII: Prince of Havoc, Michael A. Stackpole
Roc: Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within, Jane Jensen
Roc: The Nations of the Night, Oliver Johnson (The Lightbringer Trilogy, Book Two; trade paperback)
Tor: Free Space, edited by Brad Linaweaver and Edward E. Kramer (trade paperback)
Mys-Tech: Millennium Eve, Kenny Love (hardcover)
Pocket: The Secrets of Star Trek: Insurrection, Terry J. Erdmann (trade paperback)
Pocket: Star Trek: Insurrection, J.M. Dillard (hardcover)
Avon/Eos: Hour of Judgment, Susan R. Matthews
Avon/Eos: Circuit of Heaven, Dennis Danvers
Avon/Eos: Colony, Ben Bova
Avon: Last on Earth, Marilyn Kaye
Tor: The Last Dragonlord, Joanne Bertin (hardcover)
Christoffel Press: The Homunculus, Martin Wilson
Ace: The Lady in the Loch, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (hardcover)

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Copyright © 1998 by John O'Neill

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