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Letters to the SF Site

We love letters. They make us think. They make us laugh. They make us sit up and take notice, and get a payment in before service is disconnected.

Mostly, though, we enjoy hearing what you have to say about the SF Site. No publishing enterprise can survive long without paying close attention to its audience, and we're no different. If you've got a comment or thoughtful suggestion, or if you just want to complain about that durned dead link, we want to hear about it.

Wither Chung Kuo?


David Wingrove
Rumour has it that there is an 8th book in the Chung Kuo series by David Wingrove. Supposedly it has already been released in Britain. I was wondering if you had any info on this. Drop a blurb on the site if you find anything out, please!

Sure will. British Publishers Hodder & Stoughton

released David Wingrove's Chung Kuo Book Eight: The Marriage of the Living Dark in hardcover in July of last year. Wingrove's North American publisher, Delacorte Press, currently has nothing on their schedule. Check out the excellent The David Wingrove/Chung Kuo Home Page for loads more information. When we know more about a North American release date, so will you.

Warp Drive When?

From: Hank Hruby

Check out the following site for your science fact section:

Warp Drive When?

Wilder interstellar drive ideas than I've ever seen in science fiction... except -- zounds! -- these guys are dead serious and they're NASA!

Thanks for the tip! This is one of the better science resource sites we've seen in a while. Frankly, we didn't even know NASA had a new Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) Program, but we're certainly glad to hear about it. Many of the thoughtful assessments of prospects for achieving interstellar travel at this site are clearly inspired by SF writers, and it's oddly gratifying to see them pondered seriously. This is a site we'll be keeping an eye on.

More Writer's Resources

From: Lawrence Wilson

Great site you guys have going there. We'd appreciate it if you add our site to the Writer's Resources section. We got a site dedicated to future fantasy/science fiction writers at Please take your time to look it over. We just started it and would love to get some new writers in there to submit works. We'll return a link in appreciation. Thank you.

We think your site is terrific. A place where new writers can gather together to critique each other's work is a fine idea, and we'll be happy to add it to our list of Writer's Resources. Thanks for filling us in.

On the Trail of the Deathstalker

From: Keith Copeland

In relation to Simon R. Green, I have read 3 of his books in the Deathstalker trilogy: Deathstalker, Deathstalker Rebellion, and Deathstalker War. I am now looking for the follow-up to Deathstalker War. Can you please help me? Any information would be grateful. Thank you.

Thanks for your email. According to our information the latest volume, Deathstalker Honor, is due from
Roc in November of this year. You might also be interested in Twilight of the Empire, a collection of three previously published novellas: "Mistworld," "Hellworld" and "Ghostworld." Set directly before the events of Deathstalker, this book sheds light on the events preceding Owen Deathstalker's rebellion, introducing such central characters as Captain Frost, Typhoid Mary, and Cyder. The plot revolves around Captain Hunter and his scouts stranded on a nightmarish planet. Definitely worth a look if you're a fan of the Deathstalker novels.

The Return of Perry Rhodan

From: John Foyt

What a pleasant surprise!

Thanks for your coverage of our first few issues [Feature Review: Perry Rhodan Magazine, and SF Insite: The Return of Perry Rhodan]. I
have to admit I'm overwhelmed -- the reviews are very friendly and complimentary, not to mention well-written. It is also clear that both you and the other reviewer [Mark Shainblum] "get" the series -- the reviews indicate a comprehension of the series as space opera; and there are no small misunderstandings (such as, one critic asked how one author could write so many books, not understanding that it's an author team; and so on).

So, your reviews were not at all what I've come to expect from the SF community. To the extent we get covered it's usually a quick blurb like in Locus; there's a great deal of indifference to this project in the SF community. Thanks very much for the coverage.

John Foyt
Publisher, Vector Enterprises

Thanks for the kind words. It was a real pleasure to assemble those pieces, in celebration of the return of one of the true great international space operas. Reviewer Mark Shainblum got the ball rolling with a fine article on your first two issues, and John O'Neill couldn't resist getting into the act with an SF Insite piece as well. We'd like to congratulate Vector Enterprises on such a successful launch, and we look forward to seeing much more of the Peacelord.

Recommending Robert Jordan


This may not be the place to ask the question, but I didn't see anything about Robert Jordan's books in Rodger's Favourites. I just think Robert Jordan probably is the best fantasy writer I've read. I'm just writing to ask in the odd case he's never read him. And if he hasn't then I suggest he run to his nearest bookstore...

Thanks for your time.

Managing Editor Rodger Turner replies:
I was a partner in an SF bookstore for over 17 years until we closed about
18 months ago. We sold a boatload of Robert Jordan, particularly when he came in for a book signing. I read The Eye of the World and found it to be competent with a few interesting bits, but not enough to make me want to read the second one. As I've often said, if everybody liked the same thing, we'd only see 5 or 6 books a month. I'm glad he's as popular as he is because there are quite a few authors who wouldn't be writers today without him.

[For additional info on the upcoming Jordan volume The Path of Daggers, see this week's SF Insite column: Books in Your Future.]

Next issue

In the September issue of the SF Site we'll have reviews of several exciting recent releases, including:

I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole
Vast by Linda Nagata
Inherit the Earth by Brian Stableford
Queen of Demons by David Drake

Plus, our usual columns and detailed New Arrivals feature. Be sure to join us on September 1. We'll be here.

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