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Letters to the SF Site

We love letters. They make us think. They make us laugh. They make us sit up and take notice, and get a payment in before service is disconnected.

Mostly, though, we enjoy hearing what you have to say about the SF Site. No publishing enterprise can survive long without paying close attention to its audience, and we're no different. If you've got a comment or thoughtful suggestion, or if you just want to complain about that durned dead link, we want to hear about it.

Expanded Reading List for Jack McDevitt


From: Jack McDevitt

Dear Editor,

Additional information for the listing of my work on the SF site [The Jack McDevitt Reading List]: Ancient Shores was a Nebula finalist in 1998 (novel). More short fiction:

  • "The Emerson Effect," Twilight Zone, Dec 81
  • "The Far Shore," Asimov's, Jun 82
  • "Crossing Over," Twilight Zone, Feb 83
  • "Melville on Iapetus," Asimov's, Nov 83
  • "Combinations," Chess Life, Dec 86
  • "Report from the Rear," (original), Spring 98
  • "Good Intentions," (with Stanley Schmidt), F&SF, Jun 98


Thanks for the information -- and congratulations on the Nebula nomination for Moonfall.

The Eleventh Plague

From: John Baldwin


The Eleventh Plague
Thank you [Todd Richmond] for your great review of my novel, The Eleventh Plague [April, 1998 issue].

I was doing a Yahoo search on my book and came to your great site. Nice work. My coauthor Dr. John Marr has a neat site at Check it out. Hope you had a chance to read my book, the hero basically solves the crimes through the use of the Internet, and the villain is an adept hacker. Thanks again for featuring it.

Looking For Laura Resnick


Art: Romas
I was searching your author list and did not see any reference to Laura Resnick or her novel In Legend Born. I enjoyed her novel and am looking forward to the sequel.

So are we. In Legend Born was published on August 17, 1998 by Tor Books, and was featured in our Mid-July Books Column. According to Tor's schedule the sequel, In Fire Forged, is forthcoming. We'll let you know when it arrives.

Seven Decades of Jack Williamson

From: Dr. Georges T. Dodds

At [February Forthcoming Books] in your blurb on Williamson's The Silicon Dagger you say Williamson has been writing SF since the 30s. Actually his first story was published in Amazing Stories, in December 1928 (see my review of his last book for details), so he has been writing SF since the 20s!

Yikes! How could we get wrong something like that? Jack Williamson is one of the giants of the industry, and we'll make sure the reference is corrected. Thanks for letting us know.

Harcourt Brace and YA Fiction

From: Barbara Fisch

Crown Duel
I'm writing about some comments that Rich Horton made about Harcourt's perceived lack of support for young adult fantasy in his review of Sherwood Smith's Crown and Court Duet [Series Review by Rich Horton, February 1999].

Harcourt has no intention of putting these books, or other science fiction or fantasy titles, out of print or OSI. Although the marketplace has been increasingly competitive, we have continued to publish books for this niche with great success. We did discontinue the Jane Yolen Books imprint, but that hasn't affected our commitment to publish quality authors such as Bruce Coville, Alan Garner, Meredith Pierce, Jane Yolen, and Vivian Vande Velde.

Barbara Fisch
Senior Publicist
Harcourt Brace Children's Books

We think Rich's comments on support for YA fiction were directed towards the industry at large, not Harcourt Brace, but thanks for the feedback. Nonetheless, it's great to hear that one of the best YA fantasy lines in the industry has the firm support of its publisher. By all means, keep up the great work!

The Tomorrow Series

From: Kent Johnson

Thanks to George Dodds for the tip about John Marsden's Tomorrow series [The Tomorrow Series Series Review, Parts I and II, by Georges T. Dodds, mid-December and mid-February issues]. I loved Tomorrow, When the War Began. Now I have to start hunting up the other 5.

Darkness Be My Friend
Darkness Be My Friend
(Australian Edition)
For the benefit of other interested readers, here's what I've discovered: Book 1 has been published in both hardcover and paperback in U.S. Books 2 & 3 are available in the U.S. in hardcover only. All three might be at your local library in the teen section and if not, are available from

Books 4 - 6 are available from the Australian Online Bookstore at Postage makes them a bit expensive (about $13 U.S. ea. for the pbs of Books 4 & 5 and about $23.50 U.S. for the hardcover of Book 6, which isn't in pb yet), but it's currently the only way to get them. Book 4 will have a U.S. hardcover release in April 1999, but Book 5 isn't scheduled until April 2000 And check out for lots of rave reviews of the books.

A Fairy Tale Story

From: Jean Marshall

I stumbled onto a series a few years ago which I believe was called The Fairytale Series (ed. Wred?) something like the Datlow - Windling anthologies—only novels. The two I read, Snow White and Rose Red and The Nightingale, I liked very much, but I haven't been able find out if there have been more. Any suggestions for where to search?

The Faery Tale series, (adult retellings of traditional tales), was conceived and edited by Terri Windling when she worked for Ace and carried on when she moved to Tor Books. The series included books by Steven Brust, Charles de Lint, Pamela Dean and several others. You could try browsing around for other authors and titles and (Advanced Book Exchange) for suppliers. We agree it's an excellent series. Good luck!

Next issue

In the mid-March issue of the SF Site we'll have plenty of reviews of exciting recent releases, including:

Mad Ship by Robin Hobb
Of Swords and Spells by Delia Marshall Turner
Outward Bound by James P. Hogan
Rainbow Mars by Larry Niven
A Cavern of Black Ice by JV Jones

Plus the last installment of our Mark V. Ziesing Book List, and our usual columns and detailed New Arrivals features. Be sure to join us on March 15th. We'll be here.

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