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Letters to the SF Site

With an ever-growing readership at the SFSite, there has come an ever-increasing chorus of readers asking to be heard; to voice their opinions, to find help in looking for that lost book title, and to keep us informed.

This is what came over the wires to us at the SFSite over the last two weeks. If you have anything to add to the discussion yourself, mail us at We'd like to hear it.

John Marco's The Grand Design Contest

Geoff Taylor
Doug Beekman

Over the past several issues, SF Site has been running a contest. For anybody who read the excerpt of John Marco's The Grand Design, you found three questions at the end. Those who answered them correctly could win a signed copy of The Grand Design, either the US trade paperback (supplied by Bantam Spectra) or the UK hard cover (supplied by Orion, his UK publisher).

Winners were the first six people who sent an email with a valid email address (so we could notify them). They are Shane Mustard of London, England, Richard L. Dickson of The Woodlands, Texas, Frank Creed of Acton, Mass., jukkahoo of Helsinki, Finland, Pieter W. Lak of Leeuwarden, The Netherlands and Chris J. Parinella of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.

Congratulations to our winners!

[Cover: The Quartered Sea]

The Real Tanya Huff: Accept No Imitations

From: Tanya Huff

Hey guys.

There is a woman impersonating me in chat rooms. She says she's married, has four children, lives in NY, is a statistician, and writes SF and Fantasy under the name Tanya Huff.

This, as you well know, is not me.

I NEVER go into chat rooms so if you run into someone in a chatroom who says she's Tanya Huff -- she isn't. Conventions who wish to contact me, please do so through DAW as that way you'll be sure of getting the real thing.

I thought you guys should know and if you could find a way to put this information on your site, I'd really appreciate it.



That's disturbing. Thank you for letting us know, so that we can all be aware and wary. I know that our readers will spread the news and do what they can to make it impossible for this person to continue claiming to be who she is obviously not.

Rush and Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

From: Lee Cobb

Any truth to the rumor that Canadian progressive rock trio Rush is scoring the new Andromeda series?

Lee Cobb

We haven't heard anything ourselves. Rush, certainly, would be an intriguing choice, since they have written songs with strong science-fiction themes in the past, such as 'Red Barchetta.' If anyone else has heard about this, we'd like to know.

Memory Lapse

From: Chris Bowell

I apologize in advance for the vagueness of this letter. I am asking about a series of two or three sci-fi books, not exactly adult but not kids' fiction either (it would have been at least 10-12 years ago). As for the story...

The main character was this space pilot whose planet had just been 'killed' by a mysterious alien race with mysterious motives. He wakes up on this strange table to find another mysterious alien race have given him unbreakable bones of some alloy. He then basically with the aid of his unbreakable bones does good deeds whilst constantly searching for the revenge of his people...

I am afraid that is all I recall, but I am desperate to recapture the magic of the story so if anyone can help...

Chris Bowell

I can't say that it rings any bells with me, but our readership may well come through where we can't.

[Cover: The Trench]

MEG Sequel (and Movie?)


I have found out about a few things while I was looking up the book MEG by Steve Alten. One thing is that there is a sequel to the horrifying book MEG called The Trench, also by Steve Alten. Also, there is only a slim chance of there being a movie based on MEG because of a few bad screen plays in Jurassic Park, but Steve Alten is trying to get them to make a movie on the sequel, The Trench.


Thanks for the info; I imagine that it's still hard to get studio executives to pay for underwater movies (I'm thinking Waterworld). However, we wish Steve Alten the best of luck.

The Letters column hasn't been in the last two issues due to technical problems and interference from my day job. I apologize to all.

We've been overwhelmed with the numbers of letters asking us to ask our readers for help in finding the story titles that grey cells have misplaced. However, the Letters Page is supposed to be a forum for opinions and shared information, as well as for helping people find stories that they read so long ago.

So, starting with this issue, we'll only be posting two lost title/author request per issue in the hope that the remaining room will be filled with letters of all kinds. The Letters column isn't just for title seekers; we want to hear from the rest of you as well. So write.

Until next time,

Kristen Chew
SF Site

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