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Letters to the SF Site

With an ever-growing readership at the SF Site, there has come an ever-increasing chorus of readers asking to be heard; to voice their opinions, to find help in looking for that lost book title, and to keep us informed.

This is what came over the wires to us at the SF Site over the last month. If you have anything to add to the discussion yourself, mail us at We'd like to hear it.

African-American Science-Fiction Writers

From: Giles Mitchell

I'm trying to do some research on sci-fi specifically by African-American authors - both contemporary and past. I'm fairly widely read, but have never personally noticed a difference in either flavour or tone.

Any ideas?


Giles Mitchell

Samuel Delany may have published some work on this subject. If you have access to a good library, his book Silent Interviews: On Language, Race, Sex, Science Fiction, and Some Comics: A Collection of Written Interviews might be of interest to you. Otherwise, I would suggest combing through journals such as Science Fiction: A Review of Speculative Literature, Science Fiction Studies, or Extrapolation: A Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

As well, you might want to check out the websites of the following two authors, who may have some opinions as well:
Steven Barnes
Nalo Hopkinson

Convention Listings

From: Michael Sheard

I'm hoping you can help to clear up a mystery.

Something over a year ago I found your excellent series of Sci-Fi convention listings on the web, which were far superior to anything else.

Of course they are now out of date, and when I went back on the web to get some updated ones, there was nothing.

I searched high and low with no success. Does this mean they have been discontinued? I do hope not.

I'd be most grateful if you could advise me.

Many thanks,

Michael Sheard

Our convention pages are constructed by our Conventions Editor Alex von Thorn, who keeps us updated. Your email prompted us to check the last time he sent in an update, and it has indeed been a while. Is this the sort of service that our readers would continue to like to see? Let us know at

Forthcoming Book Listings

From: Joerg Grau

I am a regular reader (and have been for years) and I have a suggestion. I love to read the forthcoming books page and the page of the current month received books. However, I often get quite excited over a book I see in those sections, only to realize a second later that the book in question is actually appearing in the UK. Is it a possibility to split the pages into US and UK editions? Or would that be too much extra work.

Our reviews editor, Neil Walsh, is the person who puts together that exhaustive listing of books (thank you, Neil). The reason that the UK and US listings aren't split is because of the international nature of the SFSite readership and the borderless nature of the Internet. We have readers from all over the world seeking out books and authors, and no matter where you live, be it the US, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, or South Africa, you can always order books from abroad. Indeed, for English-language books, that may be your only choice.

Our feeling is that readers should be encouraged to seek out books and authors that they may not otherwise have heard about. It took years for Terry Pratchett, for example, to get American distribution -- imagine if you'd only known sooner! Online bookstores and publisher sites can make it easy.

And, of course, there is the reason that although a high proportion of the SFSite contributors are from the US, our head office is in Canada, where virtually all US editions, and many UK editions, are both readily available.

Lost Stories

In which we utterly fail to identify any of the following.


Demented or Heroic?

From: Neil Armstrong

Another challenge for your readers. I would love to reread a fantastic book I borrowed from a library years ago but I can't remember the title or the author and my memories of the plot are distinctly sketchy! The central premise of the novel was that the protagonist believed himself to be battling beings from another dimension - the twist was that the reader had to work out if the guy really was under threat or was mentally ill and suffering delusions. The book opens with the 'hero' killing his beloved pet dogs in his kitchen because he believes they have fallen under a malevolent influence. I read it around 1988/89 when I believe it was newly published, in the UK at least.

My undying gratitude to anyone who recognises this.

Neil Armstrong

If anyone can think of what it might be, I'd be glad to post your suggestions.

Daughter of the Dolphin

From: Bryn Sirel

I recently read a book called "Daughters of the Dolphin". Or it might have been plural, "Dolphins", I really can't remember off the top of my head. The author's first name was Roy, and the last name was Meyers or Myers; I can't remember how to spell it. On the back of this book was a recommendation to read the book "Dolphin Boy," by the same author. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book, so I thought I'd go to the library to read the prequel and see if there are any more such books by that author. But the thing is, I can't find any information at all. I came up with no results for the author search, and no results for either book's title. Both books may be out of print, because my edition of "Daughters of the Dolphin" looked older. Any information on the author or books is greatly appreciated.

Once again, we are depending upon the good will and encyclopedic knowledge of our readers to identify this.

Strike Three

From: Boyd W. Smith

I read a book about 5 or 6 years ago. I can not think of the name or author.

It was about a man named David who was geneticly perfect, raised on a space station and allowed to escape to Earth. He had meet a reporter and caught up with her on Earth. They travel around do some stuff and eventually get back to the station by being kidnapped by terrorist.

The book has as its major theme, overpopulation.

If you could give me any clue as to where I could find this book or its name or who wrote it I would be very thankful.

Boyd W. Smith

Argh....three for three. This is not my best month. Anyone?

It's been a long and eventful summer, and I am feeling ambivalent about it finally drawing to a close. I hope that you have all had wonderful, memorable vacations. and are getting ready for the fall. I'm particularly looking forward to the fall list of books, and to long fall evenings reading curled up with as many of them as I can. I hope that you have some things to say about your own reading. and share those thoughts with us.

Until next time,

Kristen Chew
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