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Letters to the SF Site

With an ever-growing readership at the SF Site, there has come an ever-increasing chorus of readers asking to be heard; to voice their opinions, to find help in looking for that lost book title, and to keep us informed.

This is what came over the wires to us at the SF Site over the last month. If you have anything to add to the discussion yourself, mail us at We'd like to hear it.

We Don't Do Fiction

We've had a growing number of letters to the SF Site saying more or less the following:

I'm writing/have written a fantasy novel/short story. Could you please give me guidelines/help for publishing commercially/at the SF Site?

A growing number of publication submissions have been coming into the SF Site lately, along with requests for assistance in getting novels and short stories published. Just so everyone knows and doesn't waste precious energy sending us stuff that we can't publish, all potential authors should know that the SF Site Does Not Publish Works of Original Fiction.

To anyone trying to get their story or novel published, we wish the best of luck and look forward to writing reviews of your published novel/short story on these pages. In the meantime, aspiring writers could try our Writer's Resources pages at writer01.htm and writer02.htm for places which could help with marketing their work. Our Ezines page lists on-line publications, while our Magazines page lists some print magazines. Some of these publications also accept submissions. By trying the mags with an excerpt, you could get some pro comments.

Ian MacDonald

From: Alex Schor

As a big American fan of Ian McDonald, I have been continuously frustrated by the absence of any new fiction on the shelves of American bookstores since Evolution's Shore, better known as Chaga across the pond.

Now I find this web site, which clearly shows that McDonald has not been resting on his laurels. Why is it that Sacrifice of Fools and Kirinya have not appeared in the U.S.? Is the upcoming Ares Express also to be barred from American bookshelves?

At any rate, I'm curious to know. I also very much want to add McDonald's new fiction to my collection, so I'd appreciate any advice regarding how I can acquire copies of Sacrifice, Ares, and Kirinya. Thank you.


Alex Schor

It sounds as if the publishing rights to MacDonald's books haven't been bought up by American publishing companies, or sold by his British publishers, for reasons that escape me as well. However, I know that there are any number of British book sellers that you can find online that would be more than willing to sell them to you until someone gets their act together and starts distributing him directly in the US.

James Barclay's Noonshade Contest

Fred Gambino

Over the past several issues, SF Site has been running a contest. For anybody who read the excerpt of James Barclay's Noonshade, you found three questions at the end. Those who answered them correctly could win a copy of his first book Dawnthief supplied by Orion, his UK publisher.

Winners were the first three people who sent an email with a valid email address (so we could notify them). They are Scott Klobas of Vacaville, California, Paul Wolfe of Austin, Texas and José Ignacio Cordeu of Santiago, Chile.

Congratulations to our winners!

Lost Stories

In which we've found a few and had a few more requests

Dolphins Found

From: Sean Wallace

To answer Bryn Sirel's letter regarding Daughters of the Dolphin:

The author was Roy Meyers (1910-1974), and the titles are Dolphin Boy (1967 US; vt Dolphin Rider 1968 UK), Daughters of the Dolphin (1968 US), and Destiny and the Dolphins (1979 US).

Sean Wallace

Quite a few people were familiar with these books and able to pass on the information to us. Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

Life in Hell

From: Sisterlou104

Does anyone out there remember a series of SF books about people who when they died went either to hell or another place and fought the good and evil battle... I remember Custer,Caesar,Cleopatra,Hitler,etc....I think I read them in the early eighties...I know they had modern weapons for their fights and got time warped or something like that...if any one can help me I would appreciate it as I really liked the series.

This sounds either like the Heroes in Hell series that I remember being edited by Janet Morris and David Drake, I think it was. Or it could be Phillip Jose Farmer's Riverworld series. Any other suggestions/opinions?

John Peel's Diadem series

From: Peter Boyd

My son is desperately seeking information on the Diadem series of books that he has enjoyed. Is Mr. Peel writing any other books for this series? I appreciate any information you can give us. Thank you.

I throw this out to our readers.

The fall has started in earnest here; the leaves are turning red and gold, kids have settled into their school year routines, and I'm stockpiling books in preparation for the long winter ahead. I'll look forward to reading your letters in front of a warm computer over the next month until the next time.

Kristen Chew
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