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The latest batch of new books to arrive at the SF Site office include new novels from Bruce Sterling, Sheri S. Tepper, Rebecca Ore, and Terry Pratchett; collections from Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Segriff, filmmaker Mick Garris, and an anthology from the pages of Cemetery Dance; several reprinted classics; plus a whole lot more.

Books are listed alphabetically by author. Only books received are noted. Where available, links to SF Site reviews and book excerpts are provided.

New Arrivals: 1 - 15 November 2000
Lunar Encounter
Harold W.G. Allen
Perspective Books (trade, 220 pages, $12.95 US)
Publication date: May 2000

The author of this philosophical SF novel explores such concepts as spiritual immortality, evolution and cosmic reincarnation. "Set late in the 21st century, the story focuses upon a mysterious disappearance of two lunar geologists while on a routine exploration of some cliffs south of the crater Plato. What ensues is a saga that threatens to undermine many of mankind's cherished beliefs and change the very course of Earth society."
Cliff Nielsen
Miracle Man: The X-Files #16
Terry Bisson
HarperEntertainment (mass market original, 128 pages, $4.50 US/$6.50 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

Another of the many X-Files novels targeted to a Young Adult audience. "Young Samuel has the gift of healing with a touch of his hand. But when one of his followers dies on the pulpit, suspicion is cast upon the boy, and FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are called in to investigate. Is this someone's sick idea of a publicity stunt or has the healer's touch suddenly turned deadly?"
Hans Neleman
The Best of Cemetery Dance Volume 1
edited by Richard Chizmar
Roc (trade, 401 pages, $14.95 US/$20.99 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

Now available in soft cover, this anthology contains some of the best stories from the first 25 issues of the award-winning horror and dark fantasy magazine Cemetery Dance. It includes 30 tales of terror from such authors as Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, Stephen Mark Rainey, Peter Crowther, Jack Pavey, Ramsey Campbell, R.C. Matheson, Gary A. Braunbeck, and many others.
Laura Cornell
The Witch Family
Eleanor Estes
Odyssey/Harcourt Young Classics (225 pages, hardcover $17 US/$25 Can; trade $6 US/$9 Can)
Publication date: September 2000

First published in 1960 by the award-winning children's author of The Moffats (1941). "Amy and Clarissa love to tell stories about Old Witch... until one day they decide she is just too mean and wicked. Drawing a rickety old house upon a barren glass hill, the girls exile Old Witch there with the warning that she'd better be good -- or else no Hallowe'en! For company they draw her a Little Witch Girl and a Weeny Witch Baby. Old Witch tries to be good, but anyone would get up to no good in a place as lonely as the glass hill... as Amy and Clarissa find out when Old Witch magics them into her world, a world of make-believe made real."
Korey Scott
The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier
Deborah K. Frontiera
Writer's Showcase, (trade, 655 pages, $29.95 US/$48.95 Can)
Publication date: July 2000

Far in the future, long after humans have destroyed themselves, who will survive to dominate the Earth? The insects, of course. "Henry Roach-Dairier is an enigma. The ant side of his family considers his youthful high jinx dangerous and far too roach-like even in the liberal, open-minded views of the colony his grandfather established to bring peace between the two species. Influential roaches consider his ways of Antism, and the fact that he is of mixed variety, dangerous to the power structure that keeps them at the top of the economic mountain. After his own inward struggle in young adulthood, Henry realizes he must be the one to finish what his ancestors began. He chronicles the biographies of his great-grandfather and grandfather to teach his world that if they do not learn to live with and accept each other, they will bring themselves to the same end as the Duo Pods in whose ruins they dig."
Clive Barker
A Life in the Cinema
Mick Garris
Gauntlet Press (346 pages, hardcover $40 US/limited edition signed by King, Barker & Garris $125 US)
Publication date: 12 November 2000

Also includes an introduction by Stephen King and cover and interior artwork by Clive Barker. Mick Garris is an award-winning filmmaker and the director of such films as Stephen King's The Shining, The Stand and Sleepwalkers. This is his first book, and the stories herein are largely about the dark side of Hollywood. "It is a collection of 8 prickly tales and a screenplay that reach under the skin of real life and reel life to take you places you never realized you wanted to go... [But] not all of the stories are Hollywood-based: Garris includes tales of a grandmother who is just as loving in death as she was in life, a geriatric trailer park with a randy secret, wistful and impossible love with a twist, the wrong kind of baby-love, and a deathly brush with fame."
Jon Sullivan
Beyond the Blue Moon
Simon R. Green
Roc Fantasy (mass market, 492 pages, $6.99 US/$9.99 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

Also available in the UK from Victor Gollancz. Green's latest novel is the long-awaited sequel to Blue Moon Rising. "Captains Hawk and Fisher are the only honest cops in the down and dirty magical city of Haven. In a place where anything can be bought, stolen or fought for, they've stood up for decency and right; together they have taken everything from vampires and werewolves to conniving politicians. They've solved locked-room mysteries and dealt with the enigmatic Beings on the Street of Gods. But now it's their last case as members of Haven's City Guard, and all hell is breaking loose -- because they are not leaving town without a little cleaning up first. The bad guys are going down whatever it takes."
Bob Warner
Guardsmen of Tomorrow
edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Segriff
DAW Science Fiction (mass market original, 312 pages, $6.99 US/$9.99 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

Martin Greenberg must either a) never sleep, or b) have access to a time machine. At any rate, his latest (? -- I can't keep up!) anthology contains 13 all-new stories of "military encounters and contact with other worlds and species." Contributors to this collection are William H. Keith, Jr., Robin Wayne Bailey, Robert J. Sawyer, Paul Levinson, Andre Norton, Paul Dellinger, Nathan Archer, Josepha Sherman, Jean Rabe, Michael A. Stackpole, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith and Jane Lindskold.
Battlefield Earth
L. Ron Hubbard
Bridge Publications (mass market, 1088 pages, $7.99 US/$11.99 Can)
Publication date: 2000

First published in 1982, Battlefield Earth has been much talked about lately, due to the Warner Brothers' film starring John Travolta. "In the year 3000, there are no countries, no cities... Earth is an empty wasteland. In 8 domed mining installations scattered across the globe, vicious Psychlo aliens grind out the mineral resources of the planet whose population they utterly destroyed a millennium ago. The scant few remnants of humanity hide in villages and remote areas, an endangered species on the brink of extinction. Apathy and superstition have suppressed all hope when one man, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, dares to leave his village in search of a better life. Against all odds he marshals the last survivors to join him in a desperate attempt to drive the alien Psychlos from this world before man is lost forever."
Down to a Sunless Sea
Ward Kendall
Writers Club, (trade, 270 pages, $13.95 US/$22.95 Can)
Publication date: June 2000

A first novel, set in the near future -- a world in which automation in industry has led to an ever-increasing problem of unemployment. "Set against an international backdrop, the story opens with Alex Kinkade, former British army officer. It is the year 2036, and he is in charge of WE FEED Camp 114, a refugee camp deep in the jungles of war-torn Brazil. Alex Kinkade's heroic but unorthodox humanitarianism finally comes to the attention of Dr. Paul Vogel, famed American sociologist. Creator of Project Eden -- his 'final solution' to the unemployment crisis -- Vogel sees in the idealistic Englishman the one man who can make of it a success. Kinkade has different ideas, however. He sees Vogel as a man to be stopped -- at any cost."
Jody A. Lee
Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon
DAW Fantasy (mass market reprint, 450 pages, $6.99 US/$9.99 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

The third novel in the latest Valdemar series doesn't break any new ground, but it does give fans likeable characters, interesting personal relationships, magic, adventure, and the pleasure of visiting old friends. We meet Darian again, now a young man with an important role in the life of his adopted people.
review Review by Jeri Wright.
David Wyatt
Hope Mirrlees
Millennium, Victor Gollancz (trade, 274 pages, £7.99 UK)
Publication date: 9 November 2000

Fantasy Masterworks #11 is one of only 3 novels written by Hope Mirrlees (1887-1978), and one of the enduring classics of fantasy literature. Introduction to this edition is by Neil Gaiman. "The town of Lud is a prosperous, bustling little country port, situated at the confluence of two rivers: the Dawl and the Dapple. The latter, which has its source in the land of Faerie beyond the Elfin Marches and the Debatable Hills, is a sources of great trial to Lud, which had long rejected such fanciful nonsense as fairies, elves and the like. Then a perfect plague of faerie influences hits the town, penetrating even to Miss Primrose Crabapple's Establishment for Young Ladies, and it becomes apparent to even the stuffiest burgher that Steps Would Have To Be Taken. Fortunately for everyone, Master Nathaniel Chanticleer, Mayor of Lud, is a man with his head firmly in the clouds..."
Matt Stawicki
Murphy's Gambit
Syne Mitchell
Roc Science Fiction (mass market original, 378 pages, $6.99 US/$9.99 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

First novel from a new voice in SF. What happens when you isolate a group of people and raise them to live and work in a zero-gravity environment, forcing them to do all the dirty work in space? These "floaters" band together and form a unique culture all their own. And then they start to clamour for their freedom...
Marla Frazee
Bed-Knob and Broomstick
Mary Norton
Odyssey/Harcourt Young Classics (229 pages, hardcover $17 US/$25 Can; trade $6 US/$9 Can)
Publication date: September 2000

Here's a reprint of a time-honoured children's classic from the author of The Borrowers series. Originally two separate works, The Magic Bed-Knob and Bonfires and Broomsticks, the stories were combined by the author into the present incarnation. "A witch-in-training, Miss Price hasn't got the hang of flying on broomsticks nor has she learned how to be properly wicked. And as for her spells -- well, practice makes perfect. But she can't practice if the three Wilson children -- Charles, Carey, and Paul -- reveal her secret. In return for their silence she enchants a brass bed-knob so that when the children twist the knob and wish, the bed will take them anywhere they want. But travelling by bed is a clumsy sort of magic. What the children want is adventure. Whet they get is trouble..."
Outlaw School
Rebecca Ore
Eos, HarperCollins (trade, 320 pages, $13.50 US/$20.95 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

New novel from the author of Gaia's Toys, Slow Funeral and The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid. This one presents a chilling, Orwellian near future that is likely to make you think long and hard about freedom and sacrifice. "America is now a dark and brooding place. Differing sets of rules have collided with each other, causing a social drift and disruption. It is a place yearning for the peace and harmony of the 1950s -- a 1950s in which turntables are replaced by CD ROMS and television by virtual reality. Enter Jayne, a smart and rebellious girl torn between two opposing groups: the Judas Girls and the Outlaw School. The decision she makes will change not only her future, but the future of the world around her."
review Review by Hank Luttrell.
Josh Kirby
The Truth
Terry Pratchett
Doubleday, Transworld Publishers (hardcover, 320 pages, £16.99 UK) / HarperCollins (hardcover, 336 pages, $24 US)
Publication date: November 2000

This is the 25th Discworld novel, and readers are showing no sign of any diminished interest, as Pratchett continues to be the top selling author in the UK. (He doesn't do too badly in the rest of the world, either: he's sold over 18 million books worldwide in 27 languages.) "William de Worde is the accidental editor of the Discworld's first newspaper. Now he must cope with the traditional perils of a journalist's life -- people who want him dead, a recovering vampire with a suicidal fascination for flash photography, some more people who want him dead in a different way and, worst of all, the man who keeps begging him to publish pictures of his humorously shaped potatoes. William just wants to get at the Truth. Unfortunately, everyone else wants to get at William."
review Review by Steven H Silver.
Richard Hescox
The Bifrost Guardians, Volume Two
Mickey Zucker Reichert
DAW Fantasy (mass market, 560 pages, $7.50 US/$9.99 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

DAW has published an omnibus mass market edition, in 2 volumes, of the original 5-volume series The Bifrost Guardians. This second volume comprises Book 4, Shadow's Realm (1990) and Book 5, By Chaos Cursed (1991). In this series, the action ranges from the Vietnam War (sorry, did I say War? I meant Police Action) to the mythical battle between Law and Chaos fought by the gods of the Norse pantheon. And in the concluding books of the series, the worlds of ancient myth and 20th century America are brought together with surprising results.
Steve Crisp
Flightless Falcon
Mickey Zucker Reichert
Victor Gollancz (323 pages, hardcover £16.99 UK; trade £9.99 UK)
Publication date: 19 October 2000

From the author of the Renshai books comes an all-new fantasy. "Tamison is a flightless falcon: a worthless man who cannot even work to feed his family. Once a miner like the rest of his kin, he lost his nerve after a cave-in which trapped him and killed his father and brother. Now he's reduced to occasional menial labour and scavenging for food. In desperation he breaks into the hunters' guild to steal meat to feed his starving family and is caught. On his release from four years in prison, Tamison discovers his beloved wife and children have vanished, stolen away by the Brotherhood... [He] will not rest until he has found and rescued his family from the clutches of the evil slavemasters who apparently hold them hostage."
Steve Crisp
The Last of the Renshai
Mickey Zucker Reichert
Millennium, Victor Gollancz (mass market reprint, 534 pages, £6.99 UK)
Publication date: 12 October 2000

First published in 1992. "Colbey Calistinson is the Last of the Renshai and seeks bloody vengeance for the genocide of his race -- a genocide the boy Rache's mother knew was coming when she dragged him from a fatal attack. On Colbey's fate, and that of the untried boy Rache, hangs the preservation -- or the damnation -- of the entire world."
David Catrow
Cinderella Skeleton
Robert D. San Souci, illustrated by David Catrow
Silver Whistle, Harcourt (hardcover, 30 pages, $16 US/$24 Can)
Publication date: September 2000

Here's a ghastly verse retelling of the story of Cinderella. The young ghoul, Cinderella, is horribly mistreated by her wicked step-sisters, but manages nevertheless to sneak out to the ball where she meets Prince Charnel. As you can see from the cover, David Catrow's illustrations are very much in the style of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.
Eric Dinyer
Bruce Sterling
Bantam Spectra (hardcover, 293 pages, $24.95 US/$37.95 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

From the author of Distraction, The Hacker Crackdown (Nebula winner for non-fiction) and co-author (with William Gibson) of The Difference Engine. In his latest novel, Sterling brings us back to the world of Lech "Leggy" Starlitz. "Leggy is older now, and he wants a nice juicy piece of the capitalist pie. What better way to do that than to be the road manager for G-7, a hot girl rock group. Leggy is a genius pop-culture technician who knows how to move product -- CDs, action figures, T-shirts, lipstick, sports bras. So far he's made a bundle and now it's time to export G-7 to the lesser developed world... starting with Istanbul. Starlitz has been hooked into the right greasy palms through his Turkish contact -- the charismatic Mehmet Ozbey -- and he's ready to take over like McDonald's in Moscow. Then everything either implodes, explodes or starts shooting..."
The Fresco
Sheri S. Tepper
Eos, HarperCollins (hardcover, 432 pages, $24 US/$36.50 Can)
Publication date: 7 November 2000

New novel from the award-winning author of such works as The Gate to Women's Country, Raising the Stones and Gibbon's Decline and Fall. "One day, in the midst of strange events that are occurring throughout the United States, plain-spoken 36-year-old bookstore manager Benita Alvarez-Shipton is greeted by a pair of aliens who ask her to transmit their message of peace to Washington. And so begins a fantastic adventure more perilous and important than Benita can imagine, because the envoys have come with a dire warning about another extraterrestrial race: predators with their attention focused on Earth, who may have already made their first 'visit.'"
Cliff Nielsen
Balance Point: Star Wars - The New Jedi Order
Kathy Tyers
Del Rey (hardcover, 350 pages, $25.95 US/$37.95 Can)
Publication date: November 2000

If you just can't wait for the next movie, why not try the second in the new Star Wars series, The New Jedi Order, which follows Vector Prime. Kathy Tyers is the author of previous additions to the Star Wars universe, including the novel The Truce at Bakura. Her latest "continues the epic struggle between good and evil as the New Republic, led by the battered but still unbroken Jedi, braces for the next onslaught of its merciless alien foe..."
Soul of the Algorithm
Norbert Weissinger
Authors Choice, (trade, 405 pages, $19.95 US/$32.95 Can)
Publication date: October 2000

High tech thriller from a new author. "Andrew Lee, on the verge of inventing a quantum computer, must escape his father's legacy and free himself from mind-altering forces. In a world of corporate piracy, where kidnapping and murder are the rule, Lee runs a tortuous path in seeking his father's killers and discovering the truth behind a sinister multinational corporation that would control him and alter the fate of the world's electronic commerce."
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