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Every day, items of interest to you arrive in our email. Our bi-monthly format doesn't lend itself to daily updates. However, this is a small inconvenience to our Contributing Editor Steven H Silver. He's begun this column which will fill you in on recent news in science fiction. We'll be updating the page as he sends in new items.

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30 March 2006
British Book Awards
The British Book Awards were announced on March 29 and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was named Book of the Year. Winners of genre interest are listed below.
Book of the Year: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.K. Rowling
Sainsbury's Popular Fiction Award: The Time Traveller's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger

Flonet Biltgen died on March 29 following a battle with cancer. Her story "The Troublesome Kordae Alliance and How It Was Settled" was published in the Writers of the Future anthology in 1988 and she has had several poems published since then. She has also published mystery stories.

29 March 2006
Darrell Awards
The 2006 Darrell Awards were presented at Midsouthcon on March 25. These awards recognize excellence in speculative fiction writing. Authors must be from a select list of counties in Arkansas, Mississippi, or Tennessee to be eligible. The awards are sponsored by the Mid-South Science Fiction & Fantasy Association. In addition to the Darrell Awards, the Dal Coger Hall of Fame Award was also presented.
Novel: Sins of the Night, b Sherrilyn Kenyon
Novella: "Coriander," by Sara Banks
Short Story: "Lepus Europeaus," by Allan F. Gilbreath
Other: Sid and the Magic Bus, by Jerre Dye (play)
Dal Coger Hall of Fame: Bone Music, by Alan Rodgers

Andre Norton Rule Change
The rules for the Andre Norton Award for young adult fiction given out by SFWA have been modified. Under the new rules, any book will be eligible upon its first English appearance. Previously, the award was only open to works published in the US.

Producer/Director Dan Curtis (b.1928) died on March 27 from a brain tumor. Curtis got his start in 1966 working on "Dark Shadows." He went on to work on a television production of "Dracula" as well as the remake of "Dark Shadows" in the 1990s. Curtis's wife, Norma, died earlier this month, on March 7.

27 March 2006
Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem (b.1921) died on March 27. Lem may be best known for Solaris, which was twice turned into films, but he wrote numerous other satirical science fiction novels and stories, including The Futurological Congress, Cyberiad, and Eden.

2006 RITA Finalists
The Romance Writers of America have announced the finalists for their 2006 RITA Awards. Below are the category of Best First Book, which includes SF author Lunnea Sinclair, and the Best Paranormal Romance category. The awards will be presented on July 29, 2006 at RWA's 26th Annual National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

2006 RITA for Best First Book Finalists
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Men I've Dated, by Shane Bolks
A Texas State of Mind, by Ann Defee
Show Her The Money, by Stephanie Feagan
Charmed & Dangerous, by Candace Havens
Spirited Away, by Pamela Labud
Worth Every Risk, by Dianna Love Snell
Finders Keepers, by Linnea Sinclair
Poison Study, by Maria Snyder

2006 RITA for Best Paranormal Romance Finalists
The Misted Cliffs, by Catherine Asaro
Ghost Walk, by Heather Graham
My Shadow Warrior, by Jen Holling
Spirited Away, by Pamela Labud
A Taste of Crimson, by Marjorie Liu
After Midnight, by Teresa Medeiros
Gabriel's Ghost, by Linnea Sinclair
Dark Lover, by J. R. Ward

Dawn Reinstated
NASA has announced the Dawn mission, which was cancelled earlier this month, has been reinstated. Dawn will visit two asteroids, Vesta and Ceres, in 2011 and 2015. Ceres and Vesta were among the first asteroids discovered and are still among the largest known asteroids.

26 March 2006
Richard Fleischer (b.1916) died on March 25. Fleischer was the son of Max Fleischer, of Popeye and Betty Boop fame, but made his own name in the film industry by directing the Nebula Award winning film "Soylent Green" as well as "Dr. Dolittle," "Fantastic Voyage," "Conan the Destroyer," and its sequel "Red Sonja." In 1954, he directed Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," based on Jules Verne's novel.

24 March 2006
Amazing Dies Again
Fourteen months after announcing it was putting Amazing Stories on hiatus, Paizo Publishing recognized the magazine's eightieth anniversary by announcing it was pulling the plug on the latest incarnation of the world first science fiction magazine, founded in 1926 by Hugo Gernsback. Amazing's most recent issue was published in March 2005 under the auspices of editor Jeff Berkwits. At the same time, Paizo has announced the cessation of its gaming magazine Undefeated.

Robert Jordan Diagnosed with Amyloidosis
Robert Jordan (a.k.a. Jim Rigney) has been diagnosed with a rare blood disease that only affects 8 in every million people. People with amyloidosis who are treated have a median life expectancy of five years, although Jordan is aiming to live much longer than that. His treatment will begin in early April at the Mayo clinic and he hopes to return home no later than June.

Garcia Wins Film Award
Fan Chris Garcia won the prize for Best Science Fiction Film at the Conestoga International Film Festival for his film "The Chick Magnet." The film, written by Garcia, Jason Schachet, Stephen Sprinkles, and Justin Torres and directed by Sprinkles, was produced by Garcia. It focuses on a man who drinks a potion that makes him literally magnetic to women.

22 March 2006
Octavia Butler Scholarship
The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established by Warner Books, Seven Stories Press, Beacon Press, The Carl Brandon Society, Writers House, and the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. The fund will create a scholarship for writers of color to be able to attend the Clarion Writers Workshop, where Butler got her start. The scholarship will be administered by the Carl Brandon Society, which earlier this year established the Parallax Award and the Kindred Award.

FAAN Nominations Open
Murray Moore has announced that the FAAN Awards nomination period is open. The categories are Best Fanzine, Best Fan Writer, Best Fan Artist, Harry Warner Jr. Memorial Award for Best Fan Correspondent, and Best New Fan. Vote for a maximum of three fanzines/fans in a category. If you are casting multiple votes in a category, you must rank your choices 1, 2, 3. Your ballot must include your real name. If you are uncertain that you are known to [award administrator Murray Moore], give as a reference the name of another fanzine fan. Emailed FAAn ballots must be received before midnight, Wednesday, May 3: send to

John Morressy (b.1930) died on March 20 of a massive coronary. Morressy was best known for his Kedrigern series of short stories and novels, one of which is scheduled to appear in the June 2006 issue of F&SF.

David Stemple, husband of Jane Yolen, died on March 22.

2006 Hugo & Campbell Awards Nominations
This year's special category for Best Interactive Video Game appeared on the nominating ballot but was cancelled due to "lack of interest."

Best Novel
Learning the World by Ken MacLeod
A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
Old Man's War by John Scalzi
Accelerando by Charles Stross
Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

Best Novella
Burn by James Patrick Kelly
"Magic for Beginners" by Kelly Link
"The Little Goddess" by Ian McDonald
"Identity Theft" by Robert J. Sawyer
"Inside Job" by Connie Willis

Best Novelette
"The Calorie Man" by Paolo Bacigalupi
"Two Hearts" by Peter S. Beagle
"TelePresence" by Michael A. Burstein
"I, Robot" by Cory Doctorow
"The King of Where-I-Go" by Howard Waldrop

Best Short Story
"Seventy-Five Years" by Michael A. Burstein
"The Clockwork Atom Bomb" by Dominic Green
"Singing My Sister Down" by Margo Lanagan
"Tk'tk'tk" by David D. Levine
"Down Memory Lane" by Mike Resnick

Best Related Book
Transformations: The Story of the Science Fiction Magazines from 1950 to 1970 by Mike Ashley
The SEX Column and Other Misprints by David Langford
Science Fiction Quotations edited by Gary Westfahl
Storyteller: Writing Lessons and More from 27 Years of the Clarion Writers' Workshop by Kate Wilhelm
Soundings: Reviews 1992-1996 by Gary K. Wolfe

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form
Batman Begins
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form
Battlestar Galactica, "Pegasus"
Doctor Who, "Dalek"
Doctor Who, "The Empty Child" & "The Doctor Dances"
Doctor Who, "Father's Day"
Jack-Jack Attack
Lucas Back in Anger
Prix Victor Hugo Awards Ceremony

Best Professional Editor
Ellen Datlow
David G. Hartwell
Stanley Schmidt
Gordon Van Gelder
Sheila Williams

Best Professional Artist
Jim Burns
Bob Eggleton
Donato Giancola
Stephan Martiniere
John Picacio
Michael Whelan

Best Semiprozine
Ansible edited by Dave Langford
Emerald City edited by Cheryl Morgan
Interzone edited by Andy Cox
Locus edited by Charles N. Brown, Kirsten Gong-Wong, & Liza Groen Trombi
The New York Review of Science Fiction edited by Kathryn Cramer, David G. Hartwell & Kevin J. Maroney

Best Fanzine
Banana Wings edited by Claire Brialey & Mark Plummer
Challenger edited by Guy H. Lillian III
Chunga edited by Andy Hooper, Randy Byers & carl juarez
File 770 edited by Mike Glyer
Plokta edited by Alison Scott, Steve Davies & Mike Scott

Best Fan Writer
Claire Brialey
John Hertz
Dave Langford
Cheryl Morgan
Steven H Silver

Best Fan Artist
Brad Foster
Teddy Harvia
Sue Mason
Steve Stiles
Frank Wu

John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer of 2004 or 2005 [Not a Hugo -- Sponsored, Dell Magazines]
K.J. Bishop (2nd year of eligibility)
Sarah Monette (2nd year of eligibility)
Chris Roberson (2nd year of eligibility)
Brandon Sanderson (1st year of eligibility)
John Scalzi (1st year of eligibility)
Steph Swainston (2nd year of eligibility)

20 March 2006
Crawford Award
The Crawford Award for the best fantasy novel by a new author was presented at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in Fort Lauderdale on March 18. This year's winner was Joe Hill for his book 20th Century Ghosts.

Lord Ruthven Award
The Lord Ruthven Award was presented at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in Fort Lauderdale on March 18. The award recognizes excellence in vampire fiction. The award was presented to Elizabeth Kostova for The Historian, with Octavia Butler's The Fledgling being named runner-up.

Dell Magazine Award
The Dell Magazine Award for unpublished fiction by an undergraduate was presented at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in Fort Lauderdale on March 18. The winner was Meghan Sinoff.

Author David Feintuch (b.1944) died on March 16 of an heart attack. Feintuch published the Seafort Saga series and two fantasy novels. In 1996, he received the John W. Campbell Award for best new author. Prior to publishing his first novel, Feintuch has a long career as a lawyer. He continued to practice law after becoming a published writer.

Chicago fan Tom Parker died on March 17 following a quadruple bypass.

16 March 2006
Shuttle Launched Delayed
NASA has announced that it has scrubbed the May launch for the space shuttle Discovery so it can replace four low-level sensors in the external fuel tank. The next possible launch date for discover will by in early July. This will be the second flight of a space shuttle, and the second for Discovery, since the Columbia explosion in 2003.

14 March 2006
Science Fiction Hall of Fame Inductees
The four inductees for this year to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in Seattle have been announced. The two living inductees are George Lucas and Anne McCaffrey. The two posthumous inductees are Frank Herbert and Frank Kelly Freas. There ceremony will be toastmastered by Neil Gaiman on June 17 and will coincide with the announcement of the Locus Awards, emceed by Connie Willis. The events will be held at the Science Fiction Museum.

Author Ronald Anthony Cross (b.1937) died of a stroke last week. Cross began publishing science fiction in the 1973 with "The Story of Three Cities" and was currently publishing the "Eternal Guardians" series, the last volume of which is forthcoming.

13 March 2006
Rotsler Award
Marc Schirmeister has won the 2005 Rotsler Award for long-time wonder-working by a fan artist. The award carries a $300 honorarium.

Rabkin Takes the Apple
Eric Rabkin has received the Golden Apple, a student selected award given by students at University of Michigan to a teacher who presents each lecture as if it were their last. Rabkin teaches courses on science fiction at Michigan and has also published several books about science fiction.

Orbital Insertion Happens
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter successfully reached Mars and orbital insertion on March 10. the spacecraft will orbit Mars and try to find evidence of past free water on the surface as well as make observations for future potential landing sites.

Lambda Literary Nominations
The nominations for the Lambda Literary Awards, which recognize excellence in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender literature have been announced. Given in several categories, the nominees in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror category are listed below. The winners will be announced at a reception in Washington, DC on May 18.
Fledgling, by Octavia Butler
Shapers of Darkness, by David B. Coe
Temple Landfall, by Jane Fletcher
Daughters of an Emerald Dusk, by Katherine Forrest
No Sister of Mine, by Jeanne G'Fellers

Actress Maureen Stapleton (b.1925) died on March 13. Perhaps best known for her Academy Award winning role in Reds, Stapleton appeared in both Cocoon films as Marilyn Luckett.

10 March 2006
Conrunner's Scholarship
Canada West Science Fiction Association (CWSFA) has announced it will present two scholarships of $500 each to conventions runners to attend ConComCon in Cle Elum, Washington the weekend of June 2-4. Con runners from any region are eligible for the scholarships, but must demonstrate that their attendance will benefit Western Canadian conventions. All applications must be received by April 1.

Spectrum Award Winners
The jury for the thirteenth annual Spectrum competition has announced this year's winners.

Gold Award: Donato Giancola ("Prometheus")
Silver Award: Andrew Jones ("Die SF")

Gold Award: Jon Foster (cover to The Demon & The City)
Silver Award: Michael Deas (cover to Earthbound)

Gold Award: Jeremy Geddes (Doomed #4 cover)
Silver Award: David Hartman (The Devil's Rejects cover)

Gold Award: Tim Bruckner ("Under Autumn's Tentacled Spell")
Silver Award: Andrew Sinclair ("Moodius Centaurus")

Gold Award: William Stout ("Antarctic Megalosaur")
Silver Award: Yuko Shimizu ("Revenge of the Geisha")

Gold Award: Cos Koniotis ("Warriors of Khorne")
Silver Award: Daniel Dociu ("Jade Sea Walker II")

Gold Award: August Hall ("Burning Man)
Silver Award: William Carman ("Carnivore Pond )

Grand Master Award (presented by the Spectrum Board): Jeffrey Jones

Wet Moon
The Cassini space probe has discovered geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus which may be powered by underground water. One of the most reflective objects in the solar system, Enceladus not only has geysers, but has a hot spot near its south pole.

Nan Dibble (b.1942) died on March 7. Dibble published under the pseudonym Ansen Dibell. Using the Dibell name, she published the novels Pursuit of the Screamer, Circle, Crescent, Star, and Summerfair. In addition, she wrote Word Processing Secrets for Writers and Plot. Dibble was also active in Buffy fandom.

8 March 2006
Hugo Nomination Deadline
The deadline for nomination for this year's Hugo Awards is midnight on March 10. All nominations, whether paper or electronic, must be in the hands of the Hugo administrator by that time. If you can't find your Hugo PIN and need it, you can e-mail the Hugo Administrator at

New Crustacean Discovered
Divers 1500 kilometers south of Easter Island have discovered a new family of crustaceans. The 15 centimeter long Kiwa hirsute resembles a pale white lobster with long claws. Its claws sport long blonde fur and the animal, which lives more than 2 kilometers below the surface, is blind.

Kelly Podcasting Success
After announcing a podcast of his new novel Burn, James Patrick Kelly saw enough success that he has expanded his site to include a podcast of his story "Men Are Trouble," which was recently nominated for the Nebula Award. One chapter will be posted each week for eight weeks. In addition, Kelly notes that Mur Lafferty is starting Voices: New Media Fiction, a science fiction podcast anthology.

Canadian Grants
The Board of Directors of the Canada West Science Fiction Association approved a series of grants totaling CA$12,050. The grants come from surplus funds generated by Due North, the 58th Westercon. The grants include a $200 for operation of the web site, $900 grants to Conzilla/Westercon 2006) and Gnomeward Bound/Westercon 2007, $1,000 to ConAdian, $2,100 to Imaginative Fiction Writers Association (IFWA), $350 to San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., $500 to Star Trek Winnipeg, and $500 each to V-Con, Con-Version, KeyCon, Ad Astra, and Con*Cept. $500 was also given to CUFF and $400 to Western Canadian Convention Cross-Advertisement, the Montreal Worldcon Bid Committee received $1,500 and the Winnipeg World Horror Convention Bid was granted $500. A further $700 was provided for the Robyn Herrington Short Story Contest, administered by IFWA.

Howard/Reid Award Deadline
Tom Howard has announced the Tom Howard/John H. Reid Short Story Contest. The contest is open to any type of short story up to 8,000 words and carries prizes of $1,000, $600, $400, plus four High Distinction Awards of $250. The contest has a $12 entry fee. The submission deadline is March 31. For more information, go to

Kangaroos Swim
SwimmingKangaroo is launching itself as an e-publisher for fiction genres, including science fiction and fantasy.

6 March 2006
Air wins Tiptree Award, Short List Announced
The winner of the James Tiptree Award for gender-bending speculative fiction is Air: Or, Have Not Have, by Geoff Ryman. The award will be presented at Wiscon 30, from May 26-29 in Madison, WI. Ryman will receive $1000 in prize money, an original artwork created specifically for the award, and the signature chocolate that always accompanies the Tiptree Award.

The Short List includes:
Aimee Bender, Willful Creatures (Doubleday 2005)
Margo Lanagan, "Wooden Bride" (in Black Juice, Eos 2005)
Vonda N. McIntyre, "Little Faces" (SciFiction 02.23.05)
Wen Spencer, A Brother's Price (Roc 2005)
Wesley Stace, Misfortune (Little, Brown 2005)
Mark W. Tiedemann, Remains (Benbella Books 2005)

Razzies Awarded
The Razzies for horribleness in film, were awarded on March 4. Science fiction and fantasy films were recognized in only three categories this year.
Worst Screen Couple: Will Farrell & Nicole Kidman in "Bewitched"
Worst Remake or Sequel: Son of the Mask
Worst Supporting Actor: Hayden Christensen in "Star Wars III: No Sith, He's Supposed to be Darth Vader"

Oscars Awards
The Academy Awards were presented on March 5. Genre films had a reasonably good showing, winning awards in six of the nine of the categories in which they were nominated. In all three categories in which genre films lost, the winner was "Memoirs of a Geisha."
Best Animated Feature Film: "Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit"
Best Animated Short Film: "The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation"
Achievement in Make-Up: "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"
Achievement in Sound Editing: "King Kong"
Achievement in Sound Mixing: "King Kong"
Achievement in Visual Effects: "King Kong"

Mission Cancelled
Five months after a mission to the asteroids were put on hold, NASA has officially cancelled it. The Dawn spacecraft was supposed to launch in June 2006 on a nine year voyage to Ceres and Vesta, two of the largest and earliest discovered asteroids.

2 March 2006
Actor Recognized
Actor Ned Beatty, who portrayed Luthor's henchman, Otis, in the Superman franchise, is being awarded the Master of Cinema Award, which honors people involved in the film industry who have mastered their craft. The award will be presented at Winston-Salem, NC in March. Beatty has also appeared in "Captain America," "Gulliver's Travels," and other films and television shows of genre interest.

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