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Every day, items of interest to you arrive in our email. Our bi-monthly format doesn't lend itself to daily updates. However, this is a small inconvenience to our Contributing Editor Steven H Silver. He's begun this column which will fill you in on recent news in science fiction. We'll be updating the page as he sends in new items.

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29 July 2006
Wildside Mass Market Books
Wildside Press, in conjunction with Dorchester Publishing, has announced a line of mass market paperbacks to be published under Wildside's Cosmos imprint. The program will publish two titles a month, beginning in June 2007.

Author David Gemmell (b.1948) died on July 28, one week after undergoing open heart surgery. Gemmell has published numerous fantasy novels including the Stones of Power series, Legends of the Drenai, and the current Troy series that began with Lord of the Silver Bow.

23 July 2006
SESFA Awards
The Southeastern Science Fiction Awards were presented at DeepSouthCon on July 22, marking the first time the awards were presented at a live ceremony. The SESFA Awards are administered by scifidimensions.
Short Fiction: "The Bears Discover Smut," by Michael Bishop
Novel: Seeker, by Jack McDevitt
Lifetime Achievement: Jack McDevitt

No Internet Lounge at LACon IV
LACon IV has announced that costs prohibit the inclusion of an internet lounge at LACon IV this year. Creating an internet lounge would require an expenditure of more than $31,000 and the committee has determined that the money can be better spent in other areas of the convention. Individual attendees can purchase wifi for $24.95/day or $4.95/hour from the convention center. For guests staying at the convention hotels, the Hilton charges $12.95 per 24 hours or $29.95 for three days and the Marriott charges $9.95 noon-to-noon.

Awards for Southern Fandom
DeepSouthCon was held in Raleigh, North Carolina the weekend of July 21. Southern Fandom honored its own with the presentation of the Rebel Award for the fan who has done the most for southern fandom and the Phoenix Award for the professional who has done the most for southern fandom. In addition, the more satiric Rubble Award for the fan who has done the most TO southern fandom was presented.
Rebel Award: Dan Caldwell
Phoenix Award: John Kessel
Rubble Award: Gary Robe

21 July 2006
New Administrator for Clarke Award
Following the resignation of Paul Kincaid after eleven years of service, the Serendip Foundation, which organizes the award has elected to split his former role into two parts. Tom Hunter will fill the role as Award Administrator while Paul Billinger will serve as Chairman of the Jury. Hunter has previous experience as an event organizer and is the current editor of Matrix, the news magazine of the British Science Fiction Association..

Director and producer David Maloney died on July 18. Maloney directed numerous episodes of "Doctor Who," including "The War Games," the last regular appearance of Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, "Planet of the Daleks" and "Genesis of the Daleks," and "The Talons of Weng-Chiang." In one position or another, he worked will the first four actors to play the Doctor from 1965 through 1977. In addition to his work on "Doctor Who," Maloney directed and produced "Blakes 7" and the 1981 television version of "The Day of the Triffids."

Actor Jack Warden (b.1920) died on July 21. Warden appeared in numerous television shows and films, playing Tiresias in "Mighty Aphrodite," Old General Zevo in "Toys," Cosmos Topper in the 1979 television series "Topper."

17 July 2006
Spielberg Takes Golden Hugo
Steven Spielberg received a Golden Hugo, a lifetime achievement award presented by the Chicago Film Festival and unrelated to the Hugo Award presented by the World Science Fiction Society. Spielberg received video congratulations from Harrison Ford, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and George Lucas. Tom Cruise made a surprise appearance to honor Spielberg.

Author Mickey Spillane (b.1918) died on July 17 at his home in South Carolina. Spillane, who wrote mysteries, was best known for his character Mike Hammer, who began as a comic character named Mike Danger. Hammer's first outing, and Spillane's first novel, was I, the Jury, published in 1947. In 1963, Spillane portrayed Hammer in the film "The Girl Hunters."

Actor Peter Hawkins (b.1924) died on July 8. Hawkins was aboard the HMS Limbourne when it sank in 1943, but survived. In the 1960s, he created the voice of the Daleks in "Doctor Who," most noted for the phrase "Exterminate," as well as providing the voice for the Cybermen. He appeared on screen on the show "Dave Allen at Large," as well as in numerous other television shows and films.

Martin Last (b.1929) died on July 6. Last was co-owner, with Baird Searles of the Science Fiction Shop in New York. In the 1980s, after closing the shop, Last and Searles moved to Montreal. Last was one of the co-authors of A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction.

16 July 2006
Seiun Awards
The winners of the Seiun Awards for best science fiction published in Japan in 2005 were announced at the 45th Japan Science Fiction Convention, July 8-8, 2006. The Foreign language awards will be presented at LACon IV.
Japanese Long Stories: Samaa/Taimu/Toraberaa [Summer Time Traveler - official English title]
Japanese Short Stories: "Tadayotta Otoko" ("A Man Adrift") by Issui Ogawa
Foreign Long Stories: Diaspora [Diasupora] by Greg Egan/Trans. Makoto Yamagishi
Foreign Short Stories: "The Human Front" ("Jinrui Sensen") by Ken MacLeod/Trans. Youichi Shimada
Media: Tokusou Sentai Dekarenjaa ("Power Rangers SPD" - official English title) Director: Katsuya Watanabe
Comics: Onmyouji 1 - 13 ("Onmyoji" - official English title) by Reiko Okano/based on the novel by Baku Yumemakura
Artwork: Range Murata
Nonfiction: Shisso Nikki [Disappearance Diary - official English title] by Hideo Azuma
Free: MUSES-C Hayabusa Itokawa Chakuriku Misshon ("MUSES-C: The Hayabusa's Landing Mission on the Asteroid Itokawa")

Prix Aurora
The 2006 Prix Aurora Awards for Canadian science fiction and fantasy were presented by the by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association at Toronto Trek 20, July 8, 2006 in Toronto. Winners are:
Best Long-Form Work in English: Cagebird by Karin Lowachee
Best Long-Form Work in French: Alégracia et le Serpent d'Argent by Dominic Bellavance
Best Short-Form Work in English: "Transubstantiation" by Derwin Mak
Best Short-Form Work in French: "Montréal: trois uchronies", Alain Ducharme
Best Work in English (Other): Tesseracts Nine: New Canadian Speculative Fiction edited by Nalo Hopkinson and Geoff Ryman
Best Work in French (Other): Solaris, réd. Joël Champetier
Artistic Achievement: Lar deSouza
Fan Achievement (Publication): The Royal Swiss Navy Gazette edited by Garth Spencer
Fan Achievement (Organizational): Barbara Schofield (TT Masquerade)
Fan Achievement (Other): Urban Tapestry, filksinging

Rhysling Award
The Rhysling Awards, presented annually for science fiction poetry, were presented at Readercon.
Long Poem: "The Tin Man," by Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Short Poem: "The Strip Search," by Mike Allen

Chesley Nominations
The nominations for the Chesley Awards, given out by the ASFA have been announced. The awards will be presented at LACon IV.

Best Cover Illustration - Hardcover:
Kinuko Y. Craft-The Divided Crown by Isabel Glass
Daniel Dos Santos-The Duke's Ballad by Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie
Bob Eggleton-The House of Cthulhu by Brian Lumley
Jon Foster- Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe by James M. Wood
Stephan Martiniere- Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
J. P. Targete-The Fair Folk edited by Marvin Kaye
Charles Vess- Singer of Souls by Adam Stemple

Best Cover Illustration - Paperback:
Kinuko Y. Craft- Metallic Love by Tanith Lee
Tom Kidd - The Enchanter Completed edited by Harry Turtledove
John Jude Palencar-Trader by Charles De Lint
Matt Stawicki-Heartwood (Trickster's Game) by Barbara Campbell
J.P. Targete-The Hidden Queen by Alma Alexander

Best Cover Illustration - Magazine:
Vincent DiFate - Analog, Jan / Feb 2005
Bob Eggleton - Analog, Jul / Aug 2005
Donato Giancola - Asimov's, Sep 2005
Stephen Hickman - H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Spring 2005
Matt Stewart Realms of Fantasy, Feb 2005

Best Interior Illustration:
Brom The Plucker by Brom
Tony DiTerlizzi Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
Brian Froud Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Letters by Brian Froud & Ari Berk
John Picacio "The Second Hunt" Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, Jan 2005

Best 3-D:
James Christensen Sleeper Lost in Dreams, bronze
Christopher Hill Woodbone, mixed
Johnna Klukas Remembering the Future, mixed
Real Musgrave Bubblegum Blues, resin
Lisa Snellings-Clark Teal Sauce, mixed
Scott Webb Do You Want a Balloon Little Girl?, mixed

Unpublished Color:
David Bowers Little Tiny, oil
Donato Giancola Boromir in the White Mountains, oil
Don Maitz Arthur Steps Up, oil
William O'Connor Paladin's Flight, oil
Charles Vess Companions to the Moon, colored inks

Unpublished Monochrome:
Joseph Bellofatto Dark Angel
Paul Bielaczyc Nightmare, charcoal
Christian Holmes Medusa, pyrography
Stan Morrison Dragon Tower, scratchboard
Lawrence Allen Williams Chiaroscuro

Best Product Illustration:
Thomas Blackshear 8th Wonder of the World, King Kong poster commissioned by Peter Jackson; also utilized as a poster for the Spectrum exhibit
Scott Gustafson Pegasus and the Muses, limited edition canvas for Greenwich Workshop
Dean Morrissey The Piper of Tir n'Og, limited edition canvas for Greenwich Workshop
Alex Ross Red Sonja, poster for Dynamite Entertainment
Justin Sweet production design for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Walt Disney Studios

Best Gaming-Related Illustration:
Wayne England cover for Lords of Madness: The Book of Aberrations
Richard Sardinha cover for A Family Affair
Gabor Szikszai & Zoltan Boros Blazing Archon, Magic The Gathering card for Ravnica: City of Guilds
Franz Vohwinkel Standing Wave, interior for Spell Compendium
William O'Connor Keeper of Water

Best Art Direction:
Mat Adelsperger, WotC
Luis Fernandez, Walt Disney Studios
Irene Gallo, TOR Books
Carl Gnam, Realms of Fantasy
Dawn Murin, WotC

Artistic Achievement:
Real Musgrave
John Jude Palencar
Keith Parkinson
John Picacio
David Hardy

Contributions to ASFA
Pamelina H
Julie Faith Rigby
Interaction, the 63rd Worldcon

Actor and comedian Red Buttons (b.1919) died on July 13. Buttons, born Aaron Chwatt was best known for his work as a comedian, but he also appeared as the White Rabbit in a television version of "Alice in Wonderland," in several episodes of "Fantasy Island," in "Pete's Dragon," and other films and television shows of genre interest. In 1957, he won the Best Supporting Oscar for his role in "Sayonara."

Actress Kasey Rogers (b.1925) died on July 6. Rogers is best known for her role as Louise Tate, Darren's boss's wife, on "Bewitched." She also appeared on many other television shows throughout the fifties and sixties.

12 July 2006
Campbell and Sturgeon Awards
The John W. Campbell, Jr. Memorial Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Award, given for best science fiction novel and best short story, were presented at the University of Kansas.
Campbell: Mindscan, by Robert J. Sawyer
Sturgeon, "The Calorie Man," by Paolo Bacugalupi

International Horror Guild Award Furor
The decision of the jury for the International Horror Guild to declare "No Award" in the Best Anthology category has resulted in an open letter from sixty-eight horror authors, editors, publishers and others stating that "they have brought into question the entire value of the IHG Award and its standing in our community."

Xatafi-Cyberdark Prize
The Xatafi-Cyberdark Prizes, given by Critics of Fantastic Literature in Spain, have been announced.
National Novel: Danza de Tinieblas, by Eduardo Vaquerizo
National Short Story: "La cotorra de Humboldt," by Lorenzo Luengo
Foreign Novel: Nunca me abandones, by Kazuo Ishiguro (Never Let Me Go)
Foreign Short Story: "He tocado el cielo," by Mike Resnick ("For I Have Touched the Sky")
Editorial Initiative: Cuentos completes de ciencia ficcion, by Fredric Brown

SLF Mentorship
The Speculative Literature Foundation opened the application process for participants in its fall mentorship program. This program pairs aspiring authors with established professionals. It is not meant to have the professionals proof stories, but rather to answer questions about writing professional which may occur. This fall's mentors include Leah Cutter, Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, Jenn Reese, Ben Rosenbaum, and John Scalzi.

Actor Barnard Hughes (b.1915) died on July 11. Hughes appeared in numerous films and television shows including many of genre interest. He portrayed Stuart Bronson in the original "Dark Shadows," and the judge on "Oh, God." In "Tron," he appeared as Walter Gibbs and Dumont. During the 1981 television season, Hughes had the title role in "Mr. Merlin."

7 July 2006
Heinlein Recipients Announced
The Heinlein Society has announced that Greg Bear and Jack Williamson will receive the 2006 Robert A. Heinlein Award. The Awards will be presented at the Society's annual dinner held in conjunction with Worldcon, this year at L.A.Con IV in Anaheim, the weekend of August 23-27.

Westercon Site Announced
Los Vegas has won the right to host the 2008 Westercon, beating closest rival Phoenix by a vote of 113 to 90 on the first round of balloting. 110 votes were needed to win.

Complete Seuin Ballot
Translated by Eric Bailey, here are this year's nominees for the Seiun Awards in all categories. The Seiuns are Japan's top honor in science-fiction writing. The winners will be announced at the 45th Japan Science Fiction Convention, July 8-8, 2006, and the awards for works translated to will be re-presented at L.A.Con IV, the World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles, August 23-28, 2006.

Japanese Long Stories
Haidunan [Haidunan] by Shingo Fujisaki
Samaa/Taimu/Toraberaa [Summer Time Traveler - official English title] by Kazma Sinjow
Dekaruto no Misshitsu [Decartes's Locked Room - official English title] by Hideaki Sena Kamigari 2: Rippaa [God Hunter 2: The Ripper] by Masaki Yamada
Shanguri Ra [Shangri La] by Eiichi Ikegami
Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei [The Mythical Four and a Half Tatami Mat Compendium] by Tomihiko Morimi

Japanese Short Stories
"Tadayotta Otoko" ("A Man Adrift") by Issui Ogawa
"Furiiranchi no Jidai" ("The Era of Free Lunches") by Issui Ogawa
"Kaijuu no Tane" ("Monster Seed") by Yuuichi Sasamoto
"Koishikawa Kenkyuujo no Nichijouteki Fuukei" ("A Typical Day at the Koishikawa Research Lab") by Yuuichi Sasamoto
"Medyuusa no Jumon" ("Medusa's Spell") by Hiroshi Yamamoto
"Shokutaku ni Biiru o - Maou Hen" ("A Beer on the Table - The Devil") by Megumi Kobayashi
"Zero Shiki" ("Model Zero") by Hiroyuki Nakagawa
"Anjii Kureimaa ni Sayonara o" ("Goodbye, Angie Kramer") by Kazma Sinjow

Foreign Long Stories
Diaspora [Diasupora] by Greg Egan/Trans. Makoto Yamagishi
Revelation Space [Keiji Kuukan] by Alastair Reynolds/Trans. Naoya Nakahara
Space Chantey [Uchuu Funauta] by R.A. Lafferty/Trans. Kiichiro Yanashita
Tuf Voyaging [Tafu no Hakobune] by George R.R. Martin/Trans. Akinobu Sakai
Neanderthal Parallax Trilogy (Hominids, Humans, and Hybrids) [Neanderutaaru Pararakkusu] by Robert J. Sawyer/Trans. Masayuki Uchida
Venus Plus X [Viinasu Purasu X] by Theodore Sturgeon/Trans. Yuzuru Okubo
Altered Carbon [Orutaado Kaabon] by Richard Morgan/Trans. Toshiki Taguchi
The Swords of Lankhmar [Rankumaa no Nikenshi] by Fritz Leiber/Trans. Hisashi Asakura

Foreign Short Stories
"The Sources of the Nile" ("Nairu no Suigen") by Avram James Davidson/Trans. Hisashi Asakura
"The Empire of Ice Cream" ("Aisukuriimu no Teikoku") by Jeffrey Ford/Trans. Yoshio Nakano
"Glacial" ("Hyouga") by Alastair Reynolds/Trans. Naoya Nakahara
"Singleton" ("Hitorikko") by Greg Egan/Trans. Makoto Yamagishi
"A Study in Emerald" ("Emerarudoiro no Shuusaku") by Neil Gaiman/Trans. Masamichi Higurashi
"The Voluntary State" ("Shiganhei no Shuu") by Christopher Rowe/Trans. Takashi Ogawa
"The Human Front" ("Jinrui Sensen") by Ken MacLeod/Trans. Youichi Shimada
"Bernardo's House" ("Berunarudo Hausu") by James Patrick Kelly/Trans. Tomo Inoue

Sousei no Akuerion ("Aquarion" - official English title) Director: Shouji Kawamori Roorerai ("Lorelei" - official English title) Director: Shinji Higuchi
Tokusou Sentai Dekarenjaa ("Power Rangers SPD" - official English title) Director: Katsuya Watanabe
Koukaku Kidoutai STAND ALONE COMPLEX 2nd GIG ("Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - 2nd Gig" - official English title) Director: Kenji Kamiyama
Mahou Shoujo Ririkaru nanoha A's ("Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's") Director: Keizou Kusakawa
Paniponi Dasshu! ("PaniPoni Dash!") Director: Akiyuki Shinbou

Yaban no En 1 - 3 ("Savage Garden" - official English title) by Rosuke Nishikawa
Hakaima Sadamitsu 1 - 12 ("Sadamitsu the Destroyer") by Masahiko Nakahira
Ibara no Ou 1 - 6 ("King of Thorn" - official English title) by Yuuji Iwahara
Onmyouji 1 - 13 ("Onmyoji" - official English title) by Reiko Okano/based on the novel by Baku Yumemakura
Kaguya Hime 1 - 27 ("Princess Kaguya") by Reiko Shimizu

Mikio Masuda
Ikko Sasai
Range Murata
Ken Kikuchi
Ryouyou Kato
Keisuke Goto
Taiko Matsuo
Katsuya Terada

Shisso Nikki [Disappearance Diary - official English title] by Hideo Azuma East Press
Kantoku Fuyukitodoki [A Director Off Guard] by Moyoko Anno
Gendai SF 1500 Satsu (Rantouhen/Kaitenhen) [1500 Books of Modern Science Fiction (1975-1995:the Battle Royal/1996-2005:the Second Summer) - official English title] by Nozomi Ohmori
SF Besuto 201 [SF Handbook - official English title] Editor: Norio Itou
Osorubeki Tabiji - Kasei Tansaki "Nozomi" no Tadotta 12nen [The Terrifying Journey - 12 Years of the Mars Explorer Nozomi] by Shinya Matsuura
Supeesu Shatoru no Rakujitsu - Ushinawareta 24nenkan no Shinjitsu [The Setting Space Shuttle Sun - The Truth Behind the Lost 24 Years] by Shinya Matsuura

MUSES-C Hayabusa Itokawa Chakuriku Misshon ("MUSES-C: The Hayabusa's Landing Mission on the Asteroid Itokawa")
Kurata Mitsugoro 1/1 Sukoopu Doggu ("Mitsugoro Kurata 1/1 Scale Scopedog")
NHK Supessharu Saiboogu Gijutsu ga Jinrui o Kaeru ("NHK Special: Cyborg Technology will Change Humankind")

Texas fan Judith Ward died on July 3, one day before her birthday. Ward ran the hospitality suite at LoneStarCon 2. She died of congestive heart failure.

Roderick Macleish (b.1926) has died. Macleish was the author of the novels The First Book of Eppe and Prince Ombra.

Actor Jan Murray (b.1917) died on July 2. Murray was a Borscht Belt comedian who appeared in several films and television shows of genre interest, including "Fantasy Island," "Kolchak," and "Tarzan and the Great River."

Fan rich brown (a.k.a. Dr. Gafia) (b.1942) died on july 6. brown was a long-time fanzine fan. In addition to publishing his own fanzines such as Beardmutterings, Slant (with Mike Fern) and Focal Points (with Mike McInerney), brown was an active fanzine reviewer and maintained a dictionary of fannish terms. In the 1960s, he founded, with Arnie Katz, the Brooklyn Insurgents, a fanzine club.

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Steven H Silver is a five-time Hugo Nominee for Best Fan Writer and the editor of the anthologies Wondrous Beginnings, Magical Beginnings, and Horrible Beginnings. He is the publisher of ISFiC Press. In addition to maintaining several bibliographies and the Harry Turtledove website, Steven is heavily involved in convention running and publishes the fanzine Argentus.

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