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Every day, items of interest to you arrive in our email. Our bi-monthly format doesn't lend itself to daily updates. However, this is a small inconvenience to our Contributing Editor Steven H Silver. He's begun this column which will fill you in on recent news in science fiction. We'll be updating the page as he sends in new items.

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25 June 2007
Canadian SF Author Douglas Hill (b.1935) was killed on June 21 when he was struck by a car while crossing the street in London, England. Hill had recently finished writing a fantasy trilogy to be published by MacMillan UK. Hill began publishing in 1965 with the novel The Supernatural and has published numerous novels, both in series and stand-alone, in the years since.

Anthologist Roger Elwood (b.1943) died on February 2 In Norfolk City, Virginia. Elwood created numerous anthologies and was estimated to constitute a quarter of the market for science fiction stories in the 1960s and early 1970s.

21 June 2007
Bear on Stewart
Science fiction author Greg Bear will be appearing on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday, June 21. Bear will be talking about his days as an advisor to the FBI to help thwart terrorism and will be promoting his new novel, Quantico.

Scalzi to Visit Creation Museum
In response to a challenge from Joe Hill, John Scalzi announced that he would visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Scalzi announced on his blog that if he received $250 in donations, he would make the visit and provide all donors with a short story as a gift. When the announced donation period ended, Scalzi had received $5,118.36. Scalzi had previously announced that all money raised would be donated to Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
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19 June 2007
Another LOTR Lawsuit
Fifteen actors who appeared in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy have sued New Line Cinema, claiming that the company owes them 5% of an estimated $100 million made on merchandising the film. Previously, Peter Jackson sued New Line claiming the company owes him more than $100 million in revenue.
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18 June 2007
F&SF On-Line
Gordon van Gelder is trying an experiment on the F&SF website by posting stories on the website on a temporary basis. The first story is Chris Willrich's 2000 story "The Thief With Two Deaths." Stories are expected to be on-line for one month each.
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Locus Award Winners
The Locus Award winners, selected by the readership of Locus and Locus On-line, were announced at an event at the Courtyard Marriott in Seattle, Washington, on June 16.
Best Science Fiction Novel: Rainbows End, by Vernor Vinge
Best Fantasy Novel: The Privilege of the Sword, by Ellen Kushner
Best First Novel: Temeraire: His Majesty's Dragon/Throne of Jade/Black Powder, by Naomi Novik
Best Young Adult Book: Wintersmith, by Terry Pratchett
Best Novella: "Missile Gap," by Charles Stross
Best Novelette: "When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth," by Cory Doctorow
Best Short Story: "How to Talk to Girls at Parties," by Neil Gaiman
Best Magazine: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Best Publisher: Tor
Best Anthology: The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Third Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois
Best Collection: Fragile Things, by Neil Gaiman
Best Editor: Ellen Datlow
Best Artist: John Picacio
Best Non-Fiction: James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon, by Julie Phillips
Best Art Book: Spectrum 13: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, edited by Cathy & Arnie Fenner
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International Horror Guild Award Nominations
The nominations for this year's International Horror Guild Awards have been announced. The awards will be presented on November 1, 2007 during the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY. In addition to the nominations, Ramsey Campbell has been named this year's Living Legend. The jury for this year's awards includes Edward Bryant, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Ann Kennedy, and Hank Wagner.

The Stolen Child, by Keith Donohue
The Pilo Family Circus, by Will Elliott
The Open Curtain, by Brian Evenson
Stephen King. Lisey's Story, by Stephen King
The Unblemished, by Conrad Williams

Long Fiction
"Hallucigenia," by Laird Barron
"Forced Perspective," by P.D. Cacek
"Isis," by Douglas Clegg
"Blackburn and the Blade," by Bradley Denton.
"Dark Harvest," by Norman Partridge

Mid-Length Fiction
"The Old North Road," by Paul Finch
"The Muldoon," by Glen Hirshberg
"Bainbridge," by Caitlin R. Kiernan
"Journey into the Kingdom," by M. Rickert
"Obsequy," by David J. Schow

Short Fiction
"Cheat Light," by Terry Dowling
"The Box," by Stephen Gallagher
"Raphael," by Stephen Graham Jones
"You Could Have It All," by Joel Lane
"The Disease Artist," by Steve Rasnic Tem

Basic Black, by Terry Dowling
American Morons, by Glen Hirshberg
The Lost District and Other Stories, by Joel Lane
Map of Dreams, by M. Rickert

Night Visions XII, edited by Kealan Patrick Burke
Retro-Pulp Tales, edited by Joe R. Lansdale
Lords of the Razor, edited by William Sheehan and Bill Schafer
Masques V, edited by J.N. Williamson and Gary A. Braunbeck

Cemetery Dance
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Weird Tales

Illustrated Narrative
Hellcity, by Macon Blair and Joel Flood
Impaler, by William Harms, Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich
Panopticon, by Greg Ruth
A.L.I.E.E.N., by Lewis Trondheim

Cinema Macabre, edited by Mark Morris
Icons of Horror and the Supernatural, edited by S.T. Joshi
Gospel of the Living Dead, by Kim Paffenroth
The Freedom of Fantastic Things, edited by Scott Connors
The Darkening Garden, by John Clute

Exhibits from the Imaginary Museum, by Aeron Alfrey
Camille Rose Garcia: Subterranean Death Clash, by Camille Rose Garcia
Chris Mars: Subderma, by Chris Mars
Cover Story: The Art of John Picacio, by John Picacio
Cover and illustrations: A Soul in a Bottle by Tim Powers, by J.K. Potter
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Walter J. Daugherty (b.1917) died on June 14. Daugherty was long active in fandom, chairing the 1946 Worldcon (Pacificon I) and being Guest of Honor at the 1968 Worldcon (Baycon). In 1948, Daughetry proposed a traveling west coast convention, that debuted as Westercon. Daugherty chaired the second Westercon in 1949 and was its Fan Guest of Honor in 1997.

Don Herbert (b.1917) died on June 12 of bone cancer. Herbert, better known as Mr. Wizard, taught a generation science. His original show, "Watch Mr. Wizard," ran from 1951-1964 and won a Peabody Award in 1954. Herbert's show did science using ingredients and tools that could be found around the house. He was one of the first guests on "Late Night with David Letterman."

11 June 2007
Beam Us Up
The Annett House Museum in Linlthgow, Scotland, has announced an exhibit focused on James Doohan. The exhibit, scheduled to open in July, will feature artifacts loaned to the museum by Doohan's son, Chris. Chris is trying to raise funds to attend the exhibit and is selling autographed scripts and dilithium crystals used on the set of Star Trek.
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Golden Duck Awards
The Golden Duck Awards were announced at Duckon in Naperville, Illinois the weekend of June 8. The awards, for children's and juvenile science fiction, will be presented at NASFiC in St. Louis.
Picture Book Award: Night of the Homework Zombies, by Scott Nickel, Illustrated by Steve Harpster
Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades: Apers, by Mark Jansen & Barbara Day Zinicola
Hal Clement Award for Young Adult: Rash, by Pete Haufman
Special Award: Write Your Own Science Fiction Story, by Tish Farrell
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Mythopoeic Nominations
The winners of this year's awards will be announced during Mythcon XXXVIII, to be held from August 3-6, 2007, in Berkeley, California.

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature
The Line Between, by Peter S. Beagle
The Ladies of Grace Adieu, by Susanna Clarke
The Stolen Child, by Keith Donohue
Solstice Wood, by Patricia A. McKillip
The Necessary Beggar, by Susan Palwick
Three Days to Never, by Tim Powers

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children s Literature
Corbenic, by Catherine Fisher
Spirits That Walk in Shadow, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
The Pinhoe Egg, by Diana Wynne Jones
Keturah and Lord Death, by Martine Leavitt
Wintersmith, by Terry Pratchett

Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies
Perilous Realms: Celtic and Norse in Tolkien's Middle-earth, by Marjorie Burns
Interrupted Music: The Making of Tolkien's Mythology, by Verlyn Flieger
The Ring of Words: Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary, by Peter Gilliver, Jeremy Marshall and Edmund Weiner
The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide, by Christina Scull and Wayne G. Hammond

Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Myth and Fantasy Studies
Owen Barfield: Romanticism Come of Age: A Biography, by Simon Blaxland-de Lange
The Meanings of Beauty and the Beast , by Jerry Griswold
Four British Fantasists: Place and Culture in the Children's Fantasies of Penelope Lively, Alan Garner, Diana Wynne, Jones, and Susan Cooper, by Charles Butler
Gemstone of Paradise: The Holy Grail in Wolfram's Parzival, by G. Ronald Murphy, S.J.
The Lure of the Vampire: Gender, Fiction and Fandom from Bram Stoker to Buffy, by Milly Williamson
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Ditmar Awards
The winners of this year's Ditmar Awards for Australian SF were announced on June 10 at Convergence 2 in Melbourne. The winners are listed below:
Novel: The Pilo Family Circus, by Will Elliot
Novella/Novelette: "The Devil in Mr Pussy (Or how I found God inside my wife)," by Paul Haines
Short Story: "The Fear of White," by Rjurik Davidson
Collected Work: The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Vol.2, edited by Bill Congreve & Michelle Marquardt
Artwork: 26Lies/1Truth, cover art by Andrew MacRae
Fan Writer: Danny Oz
Fan Artist: Jon Swabey
Fan Production: ASif website, Alisa Krasnostein – Executive Editor
Fanzine: HorrorScope, editor Shane Jiraiya Cummings
Professional Achievement: Bill Congreve for Mirrordanse Press and 2 issues of the Australian Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy
Fan Achievement: Alisa Krasnostein for establishing ASIf
New Talent: Alisa Krasnostein
The William Atheling Jr Award: Justine Larbalestier for Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century
A. Bertram Chandler Award: Bruce Gillespie
Peter MacNamara Memorial Award: Shaun Tan.
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6 June 2007
Browncoat Ball
The 2007 Browncoat Ball, a convention of Firefly fans, will be held in Philadelphia, PA from September 28-30. This is the third Browncoat Ball, following the inaugural ball in Chicago in 2004 and the second in San Francisco in 2006.
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Big Bang Delayed
A study at CERN aimed at resolving questions about the Big Bang which is believed to have created the universe, has been postponed until 2008due to a series of minor problems with some elements in the vast array of equipment. In addition to attempting to recreate the state of the universe nanoseconds after the Big Bang, scientists hope the experiment will resolve questions concerning the dark matter believed to comprise 96% of the universe.
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Strike at NASA
The union representing 570 United Space Alliance space shuttle program workers at the Kennedy Space Center voted to strike on June 2. The strike is scheduled to go into effect on midnight of June 9, the day after the space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled for launch. NASA says they have backup working to handle the Atlantis flight and subsequent shuttle preparations and that the striking workers' jobs are not related to launches.
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5 June 2007
Quill Award
The nominees for the Quill Awards have been announced. Three years old, the Quill Awards are designed to bring a higher profile to reading and anyone may vote in bookstores. The awards will be presented at a televised presentation. Categories with books of genre interest are listed below.

General Fiction
Brothers, by Da Chen
American Youth, by Phil LaMarche
The Road, by Cormac McCarthy
Special Topics in Calamity Physics, by Marisha Pessl
Jamestown, by Matthew Sharpe

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
Farthing, by Jo Walton
The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss
Getting to Know You, by David Marusek
Brasyl, by Ian McDonald
The Execution Channel, by Ken MacLeod

Children's Chapter/Middle Grade
Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker, illustrated by Marla Frazee
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney
The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick
Pick Me Up, by Jeremy Leslie and David Roberts
The Titan's Curse, by Rick Riordan

Young Adult/Teen
American Born Chinese, by Gene Luen Yang
The Green Glass Sea, by Ellen Klages
Incantation, by Alice Hoffman
Life as We Knew It, by Susan Beth Pfeffer
Sold, by Patricia McCormick

Graphic Novels:
Making Comics, by Scott McCloud
Ode to Kirihito, by Osamu Tezuka
Alice in Sunderland, by Bryan Talbot
Exit Wounds, by Rutu Modan
Aya, by Marguerite Abouet, illustrated by Clement Oubrerie
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Battlestar Ends
The producers of SciFi's "Battlestar Galactica" have announced that the series' fourth season would be its final season, giving them a chance to conclude the story's overarching plot. The final season will air in 2008 and consist of 20 hour-long episodes.

Sunburst Award Nominees
The nominees for the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic have been named. The prize is presented annually for Canadian speculative fiction and incldues a cash prize of $1,000 and a hand-crafted medallion which incorporates the "Sunburst" logo, designed by Marcel Gagné.
Fabrizio's Return, by Mark Frutkin
Keturah and Lord Death, by Martine Leavitt
The Droughtlanders, by Carrie Mac
Blindsight, by Peter Watts
Before I Wake, by Robert Wiersema

4 June 2007
MTV Movie Awards
The MTV Movie Awards were presented on June 3, 2007. The winners of genre interest are listed below.
Best Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Best Performance: Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Best Fight: Gerard Butler vs. "The Uber Immortal" in 300
Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet: Transformers
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Calling Dr. Sawyer
Robert J. Sawyer received an honorary doctorate from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario on June 2, 2007. Sawyer, who gave the convocation address at this year's graduation, received the degree in recognition of his success as a science fiction author.
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Department of Homeland Security Looks to SF
The Department of Homeland Security has called upon science fiction authors Arlan Andrews, Greg Bear, Jerry Pournelle, and Sage Walker for suggestions as to how the next attack on the United States might occur. DHS has turned to SF writers after authorities were taken to task for a failure of imagination in the 9/11 Commission Report.

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Steven H Silver is a five-time Hugo Nominee for Best Fan Writer and the editor of the anthologies Wondrous Beginnings, Magical Beginnings, and Horrible Beginnings. He is the publisher of ISFiC Press. In addition to maintaining several bibliographies and the Harry Turtledove website, Steven is heavily involved in convention running and publishes the fanzine Argentus.

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