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Sequential Art
by Scott Tilson

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Science Fiction
2001 Nights

2001 Nights The work of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick echo through writer/artist Yukinobu Hoshino's 2001 Nights, in names, designs, computers. But from their influence, among others, he creates a starting point from which evolves a unique sweeping future history of humanity in space that is at times thrilling, awe inspiring, haunting, and spiritual. Starting in the decades to come, among growing international tension, a young passionate astronaut and a seasoned old pro question a classified mission that may be the beginning of war, or its end. To a tragic accident on the Moon, that leads to a discovery of something ancient, something that just doesn't belong there. Many more follow: visions of seeding a new world; a journey through the galaxy at the speed of thought; life and conflict on a ship exploring the outer reaches of the solar system; and a mining transport from a Ganymede base investigates a strange meteor, the explosive results lead to a chain of events that shake Christianity and the boundaries of civilization. While the english translation is occasionally a bit dry, Hoshino's crisp line work and broad scope writing capture the details of places yet unseen as well as creating very human characters.

You can read the introduction by Fred Burke by clicking on the title hyperlink above.



Artesia Mark Smylie is something of a best kept secret in the comics industry. That needs to change. Artesia is an impressive mature first work from a clearly talented author and artist. While it would be too glib to describe it as Joan of Arc via Robert E. Howard, that does capture something of it. Kingdoms war to expand their territory, but their plans are made real or broken upon the battlefield. Artesia serves as captain of King Branimir of Huelt's army, with sword and passion... and her eerie gift. But as a priestess of Yhera who gets answers to her prayers, the gratitude for her successes veils suspicion. While sometimes dense reading when Smylie is building the mythology of his world, his unflinching and complex storytelling of intrigue, sex, strategy, and death carry the day. And his lush combination of line art and painted colour brings beauty and fierce life to it all.

For a more info check out the essays and art at

Name Dropping

Joe Haldeman

Here are some suggestions from Joe Haldeman:
300 From Hell

"I loved (in no particular order) the Watchmen series, Elektra Assassin, all the Sandman, the early Dark Knight, the Canadian 12-parter The Wordsmith about the pulp fiction writer, the 300, most of Milo Manara's erotica. From Hell ought to be in there, too, come to think of it, and the short-lived reincarnation of Classics Illustrated -- some wowzer stuff by the best in the field. My own The Forever War series, of course, and all the Dallas Barr ones that haven't yet been translated into English."
Dallas Barr Elektra Assassin For more information:
Preview Frank Miller's 300
See Alan Moore's & Eddie Campbell's From Hell
Read an English interview about Joe Haldeman's European Dallas Barr books
Preview the artwork and backstory of Elektra Assassin
Official sites:
      Milo Manara
Fan sites:
      A good tribute site to Neil Gaiman's popular comic series Sandman

Joe Haldeman is the critically acclaimed and award winning author of The Forever War, Mindbridge, Worlds, The Hemingway Hoax, Forever Free, among others, and most recently The Coming.

Copyright © 2001 Scott Tilson

In over two decades of reading science fiction & fantasy, prose or sequential art form, Scott has come to see there's an inversion of Sturgeon's Law: ten percent of everything is at least good or better. He is also a regular panelist at Canada's largest SF convention.

Will Eisner is the creator of Spirit and one of the founders of the original graphic novel form. He called comics "The Sequential Art" and it is to him this column is dedicated.

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