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Springsteen an Alien!
by Greg L. Johnson

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The Boss

Springsteen an Alien!

Only two weeks after his induction into the rock and roll Hall of Fame, two New Jersey residents have come forward with compelling evidence that Bruce Springsteen is in fact an alien.

"Check this out", said one man, who identified himself only as "Lo" in an interview with the SF Site, "These lyrics are from Santa Ana:

And the Giants of Science spend their days and nights
Not with wives, not with lovers, but searchin' for the lights
They spotted in the desert on their helicopter flights.

"If that's not a clear reference to Area 51 and the X-Files, then I've never heard one," proclaimed Lo.

The Boss?
"And that's not all," added his companion, "Chi." "That song was written twenty years before the X-Files appeared on TV. How would Springsteen know unless he had acess to alien technology? There can be no doubt. The Boss is an alien."

"There are messages hidden in the music. You can tell whose minds have been taken over by the aliens. They're the ones yelling "Broooce" at the concerts. It's how they contact each other."

"Now if we can only expose Neil Young" finished Lo. "I've suspected him ever since that "After the Gold Rush" song."

This report was exhaustively researched by Greg L. Johnson, who has been known to yell "Broooce" once or twice himself.

Copyright © 1999 by Greg L. Johnson

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