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Bram Stoker Awards
Horror:  The 100 Best Books, 1989

British Science Fiction Award
"The Original Dr. Shade," 1990

The Children of the Night Award
Anno Dracula, 1992

Lord Ruthven Assembly Award
Anno Dracula, 1994

International Horror Critic's Guild Award
Anno Dracula, 1994
"Coppola's Dracula," 1998

Sidewise Award Honorable Mention
Bloody Red Baron, 1995
"Abdication Street," 1996
"Teddy Bear's Picnic," 1997

Reviews of Newman's Work

Anno Dracula:  1
Back in the U.S.S.A.:  1  2
The Bloody Red Baron:  1   2
Famous Monsters:  1
Jago:  1
Judgment of Tears:  1  2
The Night Mayor:  1

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