Harry Turtledove


This on-line chat occured on October 16, 1997 with Harry Turtledove as part of the Talk City Science Fiction Author Series. Teri Liston Piedrahita produced this event.

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MeriCCC: Talk City, The Chat Network and Literatzi

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MeriCCC: In celebration of Alternate History Month

MeriCCC: Our Special guest to night is

MeriCCC: author and alternate history MASTER:

MeriCCC: ~ ~ ~ ~ Harry Turtledove ~ ~ ~ ~

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MeriCCC: Harry is the recipient of both the Nebula and Hugo Awards,

MeriCCC: The HOMer Award, with an honorable mention in the

MeriCCC: Sidewise Award for Alternate History.

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MeriCCC: Tonight we'll be taking a particular interest in his latest book

MeriCCC: How Few Remain: A Novel of the Second War Between the States

MeriCCC: (DelRey) available in bookstores now.

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MeriCCC: For those of you new to this sort of Author Talk,

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MeriCCC: So please, be patient, have your questions ready...

MeriCCC: and most of all --- Enjoy the evening!

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MeriCCC: At almost 500 pages. How Few Remain is not a "light read".

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: We find 1880s United States of America (USA)

MeriCCC: is still coming to terms with its defeat by the

MeriCCC: Confederate States of America (CSA).

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: A bold annexation of the Territory of Mexico

MeriCCC: by the Confederates moves the North to declare war

MeriCCC: bringing both sides into aggressive open conflict.

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: What follows is an intricate struggle with many

MeriCCC: historical figures occupying unfamiliar roles:

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: James Longstreet is the President of the CSA,

MeriCCC: James G. Blaine is President of the slave-free but racist USA.

MeriCCC: Stonewall Jackson is the CSA's military leader.

MeriCCC: Ulysses S. Grant is an all but forgotten drunkard.

MeriCCC: Former President Lincoln tours the country for socialism.

MeriCCC: and George Armstrong Custer is defending the border

MeriCCC: between the CSA and the USA in Kansas.

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: Before this story ends outlaws, Apache Indians,

MeriCCC: the French and the English are all involved

MeriCCC: in this titanic struggle for the soul of a divided country.

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: Here tonight to talk with us in depth about how this fascinating

MeriCCC: story came to be is author, Harry Turtledove.

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MeriCCC: Harry, welcome back to Talk City!

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MeriCCC: Harry, can you tell us how this book came about?

MeriCCC: and how it differs from your previous book

MeriCCC: Guns of the South?

MeriCCC: .


MeriCCC: .

HarryTurtledove: This book came about

HarryTurtledove: because the American civil war

HarryTurtledove: is probably the most crucial 4 years in American history

HarryTurtledove: Any change in what happened in the civil war

HarryTurtledove: changes the way we look, for better AND for worse

HarryTurtledove: and this book differs from Guns in two ways...

HarryTurtledove: first, the breakpoint is...late 1862 rather than 1864

HarryTurtledove: and second, there is no time travel involved

HarryTurtledove: all that's involved is some confederate orders not getting lost and falling into union hands

HarryTurtledove: as they did in real history..

HarryTurtledove: GA

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: When doing an Alternate History like this,

MeriCCC: is there a sharply defined "jumping off point"

MeriCCC: where you go:

MeriCCC: "Hey! I've just got to go ------> thataway with that idea!"

MeriCCC: .


MeriCCC: .

HarryTurtledove: Well....

HarryTurtledove: when you have your break point...

HarryTurtledove: and you know the changes you're going to make in that break point

HarryTurtledove: That dictates where things will go afterwards..

HarryTurtledove: what I'm doing in How Few Remain is running things forward 19 years and seeing

HarryTurtledove: how we would look if those orders hadn't gotten lost.

HarryTurtledove: GA

MeriCCC: Go ahead Linn..

Linn: ah - Harry just answered my question before I could ask, actually. :-)

Linn: GA

MeriCCC: okay, Stephen...GA with your question..

HarryTurtledove: LOL okay..Linn

StephenRS: Harry - I missed the intro to this book . . . do you use any factual historical personas in your book?

StephenRS: And what do you do to change them GA

HarryTurtledove: Well yes I do, Stephen ;-)

HarryTurtledove: and what I do to change them is...

HarryTurtledove: what I would do if I were writing anything..

HarryTurtledove: I imagine how their lives would have gone after the world changed..

HarryTurtledove: and combine that with what I know about their personalities in real history..

HarryTurtledove: and imagine what they would have been like in this different world..

HarryTurtledove: GA

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MeriCCC: If you'd like to order your own copy of

MeriCCC: How Few Remain

MeriCCC: Just go to Amazon.com at this URL:

MeriCCC: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=0345416619/stevensilvershomA/ MeriCCC: *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Steven: There is also a review and excerpt at the Harry Turtledove website

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MeriCCC: GA Gartrek...

Gar^^Trek: How does the slavery issue get treated in your time line?

HarryTurtledove: You know what...

HarryTurtledove: ;-)

HarryTurtledove: It's important enough an issue...that I'm not going to tell you ;-)

HarryTurtledove: it might spoil the whole thing for you!

Gar^^Trek: ok...

Kat: ROFL... sheesh..

Gar^^Trek: teaser!

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MeriCCC: GA kat;-)

Kat: I'm sure you've heard this question before.. but would you tell me... what is your fascination with history... and wanting to change it?

HarryTurtledove: hmmm...well...two things:

HarryTurtledove: first, I have a degree in Byzantine history

HarryTurtledove: so I know how to play with real history

HarryTurtledove: and second, one of the standard science fiction techniques

Kat: LOL

HarryTurtledove: is to change one thing...

HarryTurtledove: and see what happens!

HarryTurtledove: Alot of science fiction changes one thing in the present, or in the future

HarryTurtledove: I change one thing in the past...

HarryTurtledove: and see what happens!

HarryTurtledove: GA

MeriCCC: GA StephenRS

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: Is using a time more recent in our history,

MeriCCC: compared to say...the Battle of Troy,

MeriCCC: Are there more restrictions or different guidelines

MeriCCC: you have to use to retain accuracy or plausibility

MeriCCC: in the story line?

MeriCCC: .


HarryTurtledove: yes there are more restrictions..

HarryTurtledove: because we know much more about the people and the events of real history

HarryTurtledove: when we get closer to our own time

HarryTurtledove: that limits what you can do

HarryTurtledove: with real characters in an imaginary world...

HarryTurtledove: When you're dealing with real historical characters

HarryTurtledove: it's not like ordinary fiction

HarryTurtledove: because you're not creating them all together

HarryTurtledove: you're also dealing with the readers knowledge and expectations of them as they are

HarryTurtledove: GA

StephenRS: Harry, Do you stay within the technology levels of the 1800's? I've read some "fan-fictions" where they literally rip up history by "introducing" higher tech into the past . . . that doesn't happen here right?

HarryTurtledove: No stephen, that does NOT happen here! ;-)

HarryTurtledove: GA

Gar^^Trek: We were having a discussion the other night in #Literatzi...and debated where alternative history belongs...sci fi or fantasy? I wondered...should it be a category all to itself?

HarryTurtledove: I think of it as Science Fiction..

HarryTurtledove: for the reason that I mentioned earlier...

HarryTurtledove: it has a very science fictional technique to it..

HarryTurtledove: you change one thing...and you see what happens

HarryTurtledove: Fantasy usually changes more than just one thing

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: Alternate History is emerging as a separate and

MeriCCC: distinct field of writing (Yeah!!! :-)

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: How do you feel about this re-emerging interest in

MeriCCC: Alternate History and is it easier or harder now

MeriCCC: to get an editor or a publisher to buy a story like this

MeriCCC: .


HarryTurtledove: hmmm...

HarryTurtledove: I'm in favor of the emergence ;-) It keeps me in business!

Kat: LOL

Gar^^Trek: hehehe

HarryTurtledove: It's probably easier now to get a publisher to look at something like this

HarryTurtledove: then say 10 years ago..

HarryTurtledove: I don't know how long that will last...

HarryTurtledove: Techno-thrillers and horrors were easy to sell there for a while...and they aren't anymore...

HarryTurtledove: GA

MeriCCC: GA Steven

Steven: There's a rumor you're going to be doing some writing for "Sliders". Any truth?

Steven: GA

Kat: Ohhhhhh HarryTurtledove: Ooh.....

HarryTurtledove: right now, they've contacted me...I don't know if it's going to happen..

HarryTurtledove: I don't know if I'll have time...

HarryTurtledove: GA

MeriCCC: GA StephenRS

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MeriCCC: To Order Guns of the South from

MeriCCC: Talk City's Bookstore at this URL:

MeriCCC: http://www.talkcity.com/bookstore.scifi.html

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Steven: ?

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Kat: ?

MeriCCC: GA Steven also.... ;-)

StephenRS: You bring up a great can of worms . . . what if certain points in history were changed? What if Kennedy didn't get assassinated? or if we lost WW2? Your comment Harry

StephenRS: GA

HarryTurtledove: hmmm..

HarryTurtledove: I have no idea what the world would look like if JFK had not been assasinated...

HarryTurtledove: If we'd lost world war II its exceedingly likely I would not have been born LOL

Kat: Hmm... me too Harry

HarryTurtledove: GA

CCCanard: GA Steven

Steven: Were you aware that Guns of the South is used in a college class at University of Vermont?

Steven: GA

HarryTurtledove: No I didn't know that Steven, but I think that's cool! HarryTurtledove: I know it has been used at UC San Diego

StephenRS: ?

MeriCCC: do you know what class Steven?

Steven: My understanding is it is a cross literature/history class.

Steven: GA

CCCanard: Go Ahead Kat

HarryTurtledove: that's really neat..

Kat: Are there any other shows (tv) that you are involved in? or could be involved in?

Kat: Movies too

HarryTurtledove: not at present kat...

HarryTurtledove: GA

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: In one of the reviews for this book I read:

MeriCCC: "my greatest pleasure in HOW FEW REMAIN

MeriCCC: was not the masterly historical extrapolation, but the characters themselves. "

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: How do you manage to create such complex

MeriCCC: and compelling characters?

MeriCCC: .


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HarryTurtledove: I'm delighted that ANYONE thinks that I do !! ;-)

HarryTurtledove: I read as much about the people that I'm dealing with as I can...

HarryTurtledove: if they were writers themselves, I read what they wrote

HarryTurtledove: hmmm...when I was playing with How Few Remain

HarryTurtledove: I was very intimidated to try to work with Samuel Clemens AND Abraham Lincoln

HarryTurtledove: because the hardest thing a writer can do

HarryTurtledove: is to try to imitate

HarryTurtledove: the style of people who write better than he does ;-)

Steven: !You succeeded with Clemens wonderfully.

HarryTurtledove: Thank you very much Steven ;-)

HarryTurtledove: GA

HarryTurtledove: ...when I first started trying to write Clemens

HarryTurtledove: I would stop every paragraph

HarryTurtledove: and show it to my wife

HarryTurtledove: because I was amazed that I could come close to doing it!

HarryTurtledove: GA

Steven: LOL

CCCanard: Go Ahead StephenRS

StephenRS: Harry, what do you recommend to up-and-aspiring writers to do if they want to write Historical Fiction? and How many books did you write?

StephenRS: GA

HarryTurtledove: By now I've written about 40 books, Stephen..

HarryTurtledove: my recommendation to writers are

HarryTurtledove: to read a lot

HarryTurtledove: both generally and on what they are particularly interested in

HarryTurtledove: and...to write a lot!

HarryTurtledove: and also to be very, very patient...

HarryTurtledove: because you wont do it "right" the first time

HarryTurtledove: I have half a million words

HarryTurtledove: nobody but me has EVER seen.

HarryTurtledove: (because they aren't worth seeing!)

HarryTurtledove: most writers will tell you the same thing...

HarryTurtledove: like anything else, it takes practice.

HarryTurtledove: GA

Steven: How do you feel your writing has changed since your Two Georges collaboration?

Steven: GA

HarryTurtledove: I would say the one thing that working with Richard Dreyfuss did

HarryTurtledove: was to make me look at dialog in a new way

HarryTurtledove: because listening to how words sounded when an actor delivered them

HarryTurtledove: is different from just seeing them on a page

HarryTurtledove: or on a computer screen...

HarryTurtledove: GA

chris2x: I loved the Krispos series

chris2x: the misplaced legion series

chris2x: the first Civil war novel

chris2x: but my favorite was probably Agent of Byzantium

chris2x: any possibility for a sequel?

HarryTurtledove: thank you!

HarryTurtledove: I have a couple of ideas in mind...I have no idea when I'll get around to writing them tho...

HarryTurtledove: GA

CCCanard: Go ahead chris

chris2x: so... what is next?

HarryTurtledove: What is my next project?

chris2x: right

HarryTurtledove: next book out is a fantasy called Fox and Empire from Baen books

HarryTurtledove: in January of 1998

HarryTurtledove: in March is a fantasy from Tor books Between the Rivers

HarryTurtledove: in April is a fantasy from Del Rey

HarryTurtledove: Videssos Besieged

HarryTurtledove: and...

HarryTurtledove: in June (I think--it's subject to change) is an

HarryTurtledove: alternate history from Del Rey

HarryTurtledove: called Return Engagement.

chris2x: wow, you keep busy

HarryTurtledove: It's set in the same universe as How Few Remain and that's all I can say about it now...

HarryTurtledove: GA

Kat: write and write and write... he practices what he preaches...

CCCanard: Go ahead Jenna

Jenna: What do you read? And any recommendations for wonderful new history books?

HarryTurtledove: I read a LOT of history ;-) Jenna: I figured.

HarryTurtledove: and what I'm reading right now...

HarryTurtledove: is a book by a fellow named Stephen Pyne

HarryTurtledove: it's called Burning Bush a fire history of Australia

HarryTurtledove: its' very interesting...

chris2x: fire history?

HarryTurtledove: it's about the role that fire has played in shaping the development of the Australian landscape

HarryTurtledove: the plants and animals the whole shot..

Jenna: (It starts with two pieces of flint ;-)

Kat: LOL

HarryTurtledove: LOL Chris...I don't know yet...it could

HarryTurtledove: GA

Steven: How difficult (or easy) was it for you to return to Elabon and Gerin the Fox after fourteen years away?

Steven: GA

HarryTurtledove: It felt very strange at first

HarryTurtledove: because I changed al ot in the interviening time

HarryTurtledove: and I had to see how Gerin changed too..

HarryTurtledove: It was kinda strange...

HarryTurtledove: GA

Steven: Is Gerin the character you see as most akin to you?

Steven: GA

HarryTurtledove: he started out that way

HarryTurtledove: as main characters in first novels have a way of doing...

HarryTurtledove: we've sort of "grown apart" as time has gone on... ;-)

HarryTurtledove: GA

Gar^^Trek: Another major figure in the Civil War was the North's Secretary of War Stanton...is he mentioned in your new story?

HarryTurtledove: No Stanton isn't mentioned..He died in the late 1860s..so he isn't around anymore

HarryTurtledove: GA

MeriCCC: It seems to me that this book paints a rather bleak "reality"

MeriCCC: (pardon the pun) in this world of Confederate dominance

MeriCCC: When you create an alternate history like this do you find

MeriCCC: yourself wishing maybe this had happened...or relieved that

MeriCCC: it did not? How many "what if's" do you play in your own mind

MeriCCC: as you're writing?


HarryTurtledove: Anybody who is writing fiction plays with "what ifs" all the time..

HarryTurtledove: it's just that some are bigger than others..

HarryTurtledove: I think that North America is MUCH better off

HarryTurtledove: having the United States stay united

HarryTurtledove: then it would have been

HarryTurtledove: if the Confederate states had broken away

HarryTurtledove: GA

chris2x: I heard the story of the first civil war novel

chris2x: and where the idea came from last time you were at Talk City

chris2x: any other ideas like that for alternate histories that

chris2x: are milling inside your head?

chris2x: GA

HarryTurtledove: There had better be!!!

chris2x: LOL

HarryTurtledove: a writer without ideas he hasn't written yet

HarryTurtledove: is a writer that is going to starve!! ;-)

HarryTurtledove: GA

Kat: LOL

Steven: Although I love your novels, I actually prefer your short fiction. Have you had any luck placing a third short story collection?

Steven: GA

HarryTurtledove: If I'd had any luck placing a 3rd short story collection..it would be in print right now LOL

Kat: ;-)

Steven: !If I may, Down in the Bottomlands is now available in anthology format.

chris2x: but are there any you have been think of for years and may never write?

HarryTurtledove: yes there are..

HarryTurtledove: there's one I can think of that I've been playing with for years and years

HarryTurtledove: and I don't know if it will ever go from idea to story...

HarryTurtledove: Great Steven, thanks!

HarryTurtledove: GA

RSCauso: Id like to make a free comparison between world literature, that shows us that other cultures have a right to be themselves without being seen as inferior by Western culture. Dont you think Alternate History does something like that for cultures in the past, i.e., gives them a kind of authony in relation to our time? I mean, we usually see past as discharged stages to get us here, and not as a real thing... GA

HarryTurtledove: RSCauso..I don't think of it that way

HarryTurtledove: because with my training as a historian..there are big chunks in the past

HarryTurtledove: that I know more about then I know about a lot of the present...

HarryTurtledove: Its...

HarryTurtledove: very much a North American failure

HarryTurtledove: I think, to believe

HarryTurtledove: that the past is unimportant

HarryTurtledove: anyone who lives in Europe can tell you different

HarryTurtledove: GA

Gar^^Trek: Does your revision of post-Civil War America also revise the westward expansion? And the treatment of the Indians?

HarryTurtledove: yes Gar it does...

HarryTurtledove: we end up treating the Indians rather worse

Gar^^Trek: wow

HarryTurtledove: in this world than in real history..

HarryTurtledove: because we could kick them around

HarryTurtledove: and we couldn't kick the confederate states around

HarryTurtledove: westward expansion looks different

HarryTurtledove: because there are no big cattle drives up from Texas

HarryTurtledove: across an international border

HarryTurtledove: the west less range land and more farming country

HarryTurtledove: in the alternate world than it is in real history...

chris2x: sort of like the North invading Canada in the first book because they had to kick someone around

HarryTurtledove: yes sort of Chris ;-)

HarryTurtledove: GA

MeriCCC: What is your most favorite character from this new book, and why?

HarryTurtledove: I'd have to say there are two..

HarryTurtledove: they're Clemens and Lincoln

HarryTurtledove: for the very different challenges they presented to me as a writer

HarryTurtledove: GA

MeriCCC: *~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*

MeriCCC: Well our time is almost up!

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: We have time for only a few more questions

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: If there is one you're dying to ask just type

MeriCCC: . a ? in the room and CCCanard will call on you!

MeriCCC: *~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*

Steven: !Just wanted to say that after the Sam Clemens parts, the scenes with Lincoln in Hyde Park and Douglass & Jackson's meeting in Louisville are fantastic.

HarryTurtledove: Thank you Steven!

HarryTurtledove: ;-)

HarryTurtledove: GA

Kat: LOL

Gar^^Trek: Speaking of Lincoln, what happens to John Wilkes Booth in your version of this history?

HarryTurtledove: John Wilkes Booth stays an actor ;-)

HarryTurtledove: he's even mentioned once

HarryTurtledove: but he doesn't become as infamous..

HarryTurtledove: GA

RSCauso: ?Have you ever thought about a war between North and South America? GA

HarryTurtledove: ooh...never have before RSC

HarryTurtledove: actually..

HarryTurtledove: that's not true...

HarryTurtledove: I take it back...there is some of that in the back of my beany little mind ;-)

HarryTurtledove: but I won't say "how" just now;-) You'll have to wait and see ;-)

HarryTurtledove: GA

Gar^^Trek: How about a history that would have the Spaniards NOT invading and defeating the Incas?

HarryTurtledove: Ah...actually I've done that... ;-)

HarryTurtledove: I did it in a novella

Kat: WHat book?

Gar^^Trek: ACTION listens intently

HarryTurtledove: called The Pugnacious Peace Maker

HarryTurtledove: which is a sequal to L. Sprague DeCamp's novella

HarryTurtledove: called The Wheels of If

Kat: Hmm..... gonna have to find those...

MeriCCC: oh very interesting!

Steven: Available as part of a Tor Double

RSCauso: Do you have a favorite war historian? Im very fond of John Keegan... GA

HarryTurtledove: I was very fond of Keegan too...

HarryTurtledove: until I read his History of the Art of War

HarryTurtledove: which has enough minor errors in it

HarryTurtledove: that I spotted

HarryTurtledove: to make me wonder how many I missed

HarryTurtledove: and how much they affect his interpretation

HarryTurtledove: GA

Steven: You have a novel scheduled to appear pseudonymously. I've heard a couple of reasons given. What's the real story?

Steven: GA

HarryTurtledove: The "real story" is...

HarryTurtledove: that one of the reasons bookstores order X number of copies

HarryTurtledove: of a book...

HarryTurtledove: is based on how many copies of your last book they sold

HarryTurtledove: I do not think a historical novel

HarryTurtledove: about the Byzantine empire

HarryTurtledove: will sell as well as my alternate history

HarryTurtledove: so I'm using a Pen name...

HarryTurtledove: it is H. N. Turteltaub

Jenna: LOL

CCCanard: ACTION snickers


Steven: Clever. So both Eric Iverson and Mark Gordion are retired.

chris2x: sounds like a great book to me

Gar^^Trek: hehehe

HarryTurtledove: so the readers will know...but the computers wont ;-)

HarryTurtledove: for the time being Steven..

Gar^^Trek: nice to know the books will be filed next to each other....hehehe

HarryTurtledove: okay..

CCCanard: ROFL Gar

HarryTurtledove: Thanks for being rash enough for listening to what I might want to say..

Jenna: A pleasure.

Gar^^Trek: ACTION thinks we were not rash...but exercised good judgement in coming tonight

HarryTurtledove: thanks!

Kat: Harry... thank you very much...for coming...hope to see you again... :-)

HarryTurtledove: Thanks Gar!!

Steven: And visit the Turtledove web page (that includes you, Harry)

Gar^^Trek: you're welcome, Harry

Gar^^Trek: LOL Steven

HarryTurtledove: night everyone!

CCCanard: A pleasure to be here Harry..thank you for providing some excellent answers to the questions

chris2x: Thanks, Jenna will vouche for how excited I was that you were coming tonight :-)

Gar^^Trek: good night!

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MeriCCC: Did you know that Harry has

MeriCCC: his very own website?!

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: go to: http://www.sfsite.com/~silverag/turtledove.html

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: and check it out! It's very informative and lovingly

MeriCCC: maintained by Mr. Steven Silver

MeriCCC: *~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*

MeriCCC: *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

MeriCCC: Well folks, our time tonight

MeriCCC: Has come to an end.

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: We enjoyed having you this evening, Harry

MeriCCC: and I hope we'll get to see you again soon!

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: Next Thursday night we have

MeriCCC: James Patrick Kelly, Author of

MeriCCC: Think Like A Dinosaur

MeriCCC: .

MeriCCC: Goodnight and thank you again for joining us!

MeriCCC: *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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