My Experience

by Steven H Silver


After the end of the fourth show, we left the studio to retrieve my daughter from the college friend who was watching her and go out to dinner.  We had to stop at the hotel to pick up our rental car after dinner, and when we did so, I picked up the house phone to call Meg, who had beaten me in the third game to see how she did in subsequent games.  While on the phone, Allen, who I overcame in the second game, approached to say ďHi,Ē as did a contestant who had taped his shows on Monday, but was sticking around.  On my way out of the hotel, I bumped into Camille, who had lost to Jason in the first game.  She had heard that I had beaten Jason and was wondering how I had done in subsequent games.

Overall, the experience was quite good.  In the weeks since my trip to California, Iíve been in e-mail contact with Meg, and she has had lunch with my mother-in-law.  Iíve also e-mailed Doug Souleyrette, a student from the University of Kentucky who taped his show the day before I did and was one of Jasonís victims.  Iím looking forward to seeing the shows, because I have no idea how I came across and canít even remember many of the categories, let alone the specific questions (with a few exceptions of questions I either got wrong or didnít answer).

The weekend before the air date, I was at a meeting and found that the one thing people wanted to ask me about was. . . Jason, ironically the one person who I feel I didnít get to know at all.  My family, however, did sit next to his wife and mother during the tapings and were able to tell me that he seems to be a really nice guy.

During my second show, Kari went back into the audience and sat next to my family and, Iím told, also had good things to say about me and the experience of playing on ďJeopardy!Ē.