Murray Leinster

Will F. Jenkins

Murray Leinster was a nom de plume for William Fitzgerald Jenkins. Although the majority of his science fiction was written under the "Leinster" pseudonym, he also published under his own name. The following books appeared as by Will Jenkins.  Stories as by Will Jenkins are mixed into the Stories web pages.

  • Black Sheep, Messer, 1936.
  • Cattle Rustlers, Ward Lock, 1952.
  • Dallas, Fawcett, 1950. Novelization of screenplay.
  • Destroy the USA, New Stand Library Pocket Edition, 1960.
  • Fighting Horse Valley, King, 1934.
  • The Gamblin' Kid, King, 1933.
  • Guns for Achin, Wright & Brown, 1936.
  • Kid Deputy, King, 1935.
  • The Man Who Feared, Gateway, 1942.
  • Mexican Trail, King, 1933.
  • Murder in the Family, John Hamilton, 1935.
  • The Murder of the U.S.A., Crown, 1946. Also known as Destroy the U.S.A., Newsstand, 1950.
  • Murder Will Out, John Hamilton, 1932.
  • No Clues, Wright & Brown, 1935.
  • Outlaw Sheriff, King, 1934. Also known as Rustlin' Sheriff, Eldon Press, 1934.
  • Son of the Flying "Y", Fawcett, 1951.

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