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Newton's CannonA Calculus of AngelsWorldwar:  In the BalanceWorldwar:  Tilting the BalanceWorldwar:  Upsetting the BalanceWorldwar:  Striking the Balance
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Secon ContactThe Guns of the SouthDeparturesApacheriaRoads Not TakenHow Few RemainThe Great War:  American Front


The Prizes Reviewed:

Gardner Dozois & Stanley Schmidt

  1. Roads Not Taken

J. Gregory Keyes

  1. Newton's Cannon
  2. A Calculus of Angels

Jake Page

  1. Apacheria

Harry Turtledove

  1. The Guns of the South
  2. Departures
  3. How Few Remain
  4. American Front
  5. In the Balance
  6. Tilting the Balance
  7. Upsetting the Balance
  8. Striking the Balance
  9. Second Contact

The Quiz

The winner, selected at random from all the correct answers received during October is Brian D. Wall.

The correct answers appear after the questions.

  1. Who wrote "Sidewise in Time," the 1934 story for which the Sidewise Awards for Alternate History are named?  Murray Leinster

  2. Before Harry Turtledove wrote The Guns of the South, author Ward Moore wrote a time travel novel in which the South was victorious.  What was it called? Bring the Jubilee

  3. What was the title of Philip K. Dick's Hugo-Award winning alternate history novel?  The Man in the High Castle

  4. How many books did Gregory Benford edit in the "What Might Have Been" series of alternate history collections? Four (Alternate Empires, Alternate Heroes, Alternate Wars, Alternate Americas)

  5. Which L. Sprague de Camp alternate history features a world in which the Celtic church maintained power in North America?  "The Wheels of If"

  6. What are the two most popular events to spark English language alternate histories? The American Civil War and a Nazi victory in World War II

  7. Which two stories won the first Sidewise Award for Alternate History?  Paul J. McAuley's Pasquale's Angel and Stephen Baxter's "Brigantia's Angels"

  8. What is notable about Robert J. Sobol's classic alternate history For Want of a Nail? It is written as an history text, not a novel.

  9. Jake Page wrote an alternate history before Apacheria.   What was the title of the earlier book?  Operation Shatterhand

  10. What award did Harry Turtledove receive for his novel The Guns of the South? The John Esthen Cook Award

  11. Which celebrity wrote an alternate history novel with author William Forstchen? Newt Gingrich

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