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Shattered Europe
Psi Order Aesculapian and Europe Sourcebook
Trinity Game Accessory

Bruce Baugh, John R. Snead and Greg Stolze
White Wolf, 142 pages

Art: Geof Darrow
Shattered Europe: Psi Order Aesculapian and Europe Sourcebook
Additional Information
America Offline: Psi Order Orgotek and FSA Sourcebook
140 pages
By Bruce Baugh, Rob Heinsoo, and James Kiley
Cover art by David Seeley

Luna Rising: Psi Order ISRA and Luna Sourcebook
140 pages
By Robert Scott Martin, Jonathan Woodward, Judith A. McLaughlin, and Andrew Bates
Cover art by Rick Berry

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Past Feature Reviews
A review by Don Bassingthwaite

Shattered Europe is the third in a series of sourcebooks for White Wolf's Trinity science fiction game. Like its predecessors, Shattered Europe details both one of the game's psi orders and the region of the world in which it is based. In this case, the order is Aesculapian, psionic healers, and the region, obviously enough, Europe.

Europe is in a bad way in the Trinity setting. It has lost its place in the world, devastated first by the Aberrant War and the chaos caused by the collapse of the world's Op-Net communication system, and then by the catastrophic crash of a space station into northern France. Not just any space station, but Europe's own. As the book points out, the damage of the crash was two-fold, both physical and financial. The countries of Europe had a lot tied up in that station. By and large, they're a mess now. France is toast, with French refugees scattered across Europe and the world. England has gone isolationist. Spain, Portugal, and Scandinavia limp along. Germany has balkanized into a number of independent states following a variety of political philosophies (typically oppressive). As for the Balkan states themselves... well, they're simply referred to as "the Shatter." Italy and Switzerland are the shining lights of progress, while the Ukraine, Poland, and Turkey (in the guise of the New Ottoman Empire) are the military powerhouses.

Through all of it are the healers of Aesculapian, carrying out their missions of mercy. Not that the Aesculapians aren't a little bit shattered themselves. The order is divided between the rigorously rational medical and scientific viewpoint of its founder and a more holistic, organic viewpoint of alternative therapists. Furthermore, a group of Aesculapian researchers have just been implicated in a horrendous experimental project (detailed in the Darkness Revealed adventure series), devastating their previously squeaky clean image.

Readers who have browsed through these sourcebooks before will immediately recognize the structure of Shattered Europe. At the front of the book is a glossy section cast as an Aeon Trinity report to its agents. The report gives a "player's guide" version of the information in the book, along with bites from news reports and personal correspondence. The bulk of the rest of the book goes over the same information again, this time detailing a little more about what's happening behind the scenes, while a game master's section serves up some real dirt -- at least in theory.

Although Shattered Europe is a solid book and definitely a useful tool to have if your Trinity game takes your characters into Europe, I was disappointed in how little juicy material actually came up in the book. For one thing (and I noticed a similar pattern in the America Off-line sourcebook), a lot of what is presented in the Aeon Trinity report is duplicated in the rest of the book with relatively little new information added. There's some, but not much, and what there is tends to be heavy on politics and light on ground level setting. Likewise, the information on the Aesculapian order is thin and really advances very little beyond what was presented in the basic Trinity game book.

I was really disappointed in the so-called Storyteller's Information section. At a mere 7 pages, it presents a couple of somewhat interesting characters, a smattering of weapons that would hardly seem top secret, and information that would barely turn a player's head. There are Aberrants hiding in out-of-the-way parts of Europe? No way! Some of the best information actually seems to be in other books -- it's very frustrating to be referred constantly to the various Darkness Revealed adventures and the Hidden Agenda book and storyteller's screen (especially when adventures and screens are not products I'd normally buy).

Out of the three Trinity sourcebooks available so far, I still have to give the highest marks to Luna Rising for its combination of style and content. Shattered Europe is good, but it could have been better.

Copyright © 1999 by Don Bassingthwaite

Don Bassingthwaite is the author of Such Pain (HarperPrism), Breathe Deeply (White Wolf), and Pomegranates Full and Fine (White Wolf), tie-in novels to White Wolf's World of Darkness role-playing games. He can't remember when he started reading science fiction, but has been gaming since high school (and, boy, is his dice arm tired!).

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