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Index to Volumes 94 & 95, January-December 1998
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Author     Title     Month Page
Aurelian, RobinProxiesSep85

Bailey, Dale Cockroach (novelet) Dec121
  Night of the Fireflies Jan 40
Bash, Kent Cover for "Painbird, Poinbird, Fly Away Home" Sep
Bauman, Jill Covers for:  
  "F&SF Goes to the Movies" Jul
  "White Magic" Mar
Beckett, Christine Graft (novelet) Feb 83
Beecher, William WardCover for "So Many Miles to the Heart of a Child"Apr
Benford, Gregory Science Jan, Feb, Apr, Aug, Sep, OcN
Bisson, Terry Incident at Oak Ridge (novelet) Jul 76
Blaylock, James P. The Old Curiosity Shop (novelet) Feb125
Blumlein, Michael Revenge Apr112
Bove, Ben Remember Caesar Mar 36
Bowes, Richard Diana in the Spring Aug 86
  So Many Miles to the Heart of a Child (novelet) Apr 6
Boyett, Steven R. Current Affairs Jan 64
Budz, Mark Zinnias on the Moon Aug 73

Cadigan, Pat Ten SF/Fantasy/Genre Films Jul127
Carroll, Jonathan Nine Fantasy Novels Jul 67
Castro, Adam-Troy Crisis on Ward H! OcN182
Cheney, Tom Cartoons Sep, OcN, Dec
Chilson, Rob This Side of Independence Feb 52
Chwedyk, Richard Auteur Theory (novelet) Jul
Cook, Hugh Heroes of the Third MillenniumDec 99
Cotham, Frank Cartoons Sep, Dec
Coulter, Lynn B. The Singing Thing Jan 47
Cowdrey, Albert E.The Great Ancestor Sep 57
  White Magic (novelet) Mar 5

Dashow, Michael Cover for: "The Naked Face of God"Jun
Davidson, Avram Blunt OcN160
de Lint, CharlesBooks to Look for Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, OcN, Dec
Di Filippo, PaulPlumage from Pegasus Feb, May, Jul, OcN
Doherty, Paul see Murphy, Pat  
Donati, Stefano The Last of the Glass Menageries Mar 86

Eakin, William R. Monogamy Jun121
Eggleton, Bob Cover for: "The Allies" May
Eisenstein, PhyllisThe Island in the Lake (novelet)Dec 5
Epstein, Benita Cartoon Feb
Etchemendy, Nancy Double Silver Truth (novelet) Jun137

Farris, Joseph Cartoons Mar, May, Jul, Sep, OcN
Finch, Sheila The Naked Face of God Jun 93
  Reading the Bones (novella) Jan 92
Fitch, Marina Imprints Mar101
Franke, Herbert W. The Building Jun 64
Friesner, Esther M.But What I Really Want to Do Is DirectJul 74
  Chestnut Street Aug 16

Gaiman, Neil Curiosities Sep162
Garcia y Robertson, R.A Princess of Helium (novella) Sep 4
Geston, Mark The Allies (novelet) May120
Goulart, Ron The Curse of the Demon (novelet)Jul130

Hand, Elizabeth Books Apr, Aug
Harden, Laurie Cover for: "On the Penal Colony" Aug
Hardy, David A. Cover for "All the Birds of Hell"OcN
Harris, S. Cartoons Jan, Apr, May, Jun
Hoffman, Nina KirikiGone to Heaven Shouting Jan 4
  Sweet Nothings Aug137
Hooper, Jacquelyn Home on the Range (novelet) Apr 65

Jacobs, Harvey Goobers Jul 51
Jensen, J. PatrickThe Kaleidoscope Sep128
Jensen, Jan Lars The Pacific FrontAug144

Kessel, John Every Angel Is TerrifyingOcN 56
  Who I'll Cost When Jul116
Killheffer, Robert K.J.Books Feb, Jun, OcN

Laidlaw, Marc Curiosities Dec162
Le Guin, Ursula K.Six Great SF Movies Jul115
Lee, Mary Soon Ex Terra, Ex Astris May 81
Lee, Tanith All the Birds of Hell (novelet)OcN 10
Lethem, Jonathan Curiosities OcN242
Long, Bill Cartoons Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Aug, Sep, OcN
Lupoff, Richard A.Curiosities Jul162

MacLeod, Ian Home Time (novelet) Feb 5
Maio, Kathi Eight SF/Fantasy Films Jul 68
  Films Jan, Apr, Jul, Sep
Malzberg, Barry N. See Yasgur, Batya S.  
Martin, Henry Cartoons Jun
Masear, Arthur Cartoons Jan, Mar, Aug
McDevitt, Jack, and Stanley SchmidtGood Intentions (novelet) Jun 6
McGarry, Mark I. The Mercy Gate (novelet) Mar128
Moffett, Judith The Bradshaw (novella) OcN 85
Morressy, John Reflection and Insight Mar 67
Morrow, James Eight Great Animated Jul 73
Murphy, Pat Ménage and Menagerie (novelet)OcN217
Murphy, Pat, and Paul Doherty Science Mar, Jun, Dec

Nadler, M.CartoonFeb

Oates, Joyce CarolFeral (novelet) Sep98
Oltion, Jerry The Miracle Dec71
Onopa, Robert The Grateful Dead (novelet)Aug41
Ore, Rebecca Accelerated Grimace Feb66

Perry, Steve A Few Minutes in Granddaddy's O]d House on Black Bottom BayouAug127
Pollack, RachelThe Fool, the Stick, and the Princess OcN 74

Reed, Kit Mommy Nearest May111
  On the Penal Colony Aug 4
Reitan, Eric Faerie Storm Dec 85
Resnick, Mike Card Shark (novelet) May 54
  Forgotten Treasures Mar 80
Rosenblum, Mary The Rainmaker (novelet) OcN197
Rusch, Kristine KathrynThe Questing Mind (novelet)May 33
Russo, Richard Paul Butterflies Aug108

Schmidt, Stanley See McDevitt, Jack  
Seelhammer, CynthiaGentle Horses Mar 48
Shanahan, Danny Cartoon OcN
Shaw, Barclay Cover for: "Home Time" Feb
Sheckley, Robert Emissary from a Green and Yellow WorldOcN 47
Sterling, Bruce Maneki Neko May 4
Swanwick, Michael Mother Grasshopper Apr143

Taylor, Robert C. A Prisoner of History Jun 48
Tenn, William Curiosities Aug162
Tiedemann, Mark W.Psyché Dec 55
Tritten, Larry Painbird, Painbird, Fly Away HomeSep 74
Turzillo, Mary A. Chrysoberyl Jun 67

Van Gelder, GordonEditor's RecommendationsFeb, Apr, May, Aug, Dec
Vukcevich, Ray A Holiday Junket Aug38

Waldrop, Howard Five More SF Biopics Jul125
  Mr.Goober's Show Sep147
Walotsky, Ron Covers for:  
  "The Island in the Lake" Dec
  "Reading the Bones" Jan
Watson, Ian The Boy Who Lost an Hour, the Girl Who Lost Her LifeFeb105
Wentworth, K.D. Tall One Apr 93
West, Michelle Musing on Books Jan, Mar, Jul, Dec
Wilber, Rick Straight Changes Apr 48
Wilson, Robin Thanks, Diaz May101
Winter, Douglas E. Books Jan, May, Sep
Winter, Laurel Fighting Gravity Sep132
Womack, Jack Curiosities Jun162

Yasgur, Batya S. and Barry N. MalzbergJob's PartnerJun83
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