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Index to Volumes 108 & 109, January-December 2005
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Author     Title     Month Page
Anderson, Douglas A Curiosities OcN 

Bacigalupi, Paolo The Calorie Man (nvlt) OcN 8
Bailey, Dale Spells for Halloween: An Acrostic OcN 90
Barnard, Bryn: Cover for "The Last Ten Years in the Life of Hero Kai" Dec  
Barron, Laird The Imago Sequence (novella) May 61
  Proboscis (nvlt) Feb 116
Bash, Kent: Cover for "Dutch" Feb  
Beagle, Peter S. Two Hearts (nvlt) OcN 204
Bertolini, Max: Covers for "Fairy Falls" Aug  
  "Megara" Jan  
Bisson, Terry Billy and the Ants OcN 127
Bradfield, Scott Angry Duck Jul 60

Cheney, Tom Cartoons Mar  
  Competition # 69 Jul  
  Competition # 70 Dec  
Cowdrey, Albert E. The Amulet (nvlt) Mar 6
  The Housewarming Sep 108
  Twilight States Jul 71

de Lint, Charles Books to Look For Jan–Dec  
de Sousa Causo, Robert Curiosities Jan  
Di Filippo, Paul Curiosities Jul  
  Plumage from Pegasus Jan,Feb,May,Sep,Dec  
  The Secret Sutras of Sally Strumpet (nvlt) Apr 6
Disch, Thomas M. The Wall of America Mar 35
Doherty, Paul see: Pat Murphy    
Dozois, Gardner When the Great Days Came Dec 78

Emshwiller, Carol I Live with You Mar 90
Ench, Cory and Catska Covers for "The Imago Sequence" May  
  "Two Hearts" OcN  

Farris, Joseph Cartoons Mar,Jun,Jul,OcN  
Finlay, Charles Coleman Love and the Wayward Troll (nvlt) Mar 115
  Of Silence and the Man at Arms (nvlt) Jun 6
Ford, Jeffrey Boatman's Holiday OcN 180
Foster, Alan Dean The Last Akialoa Dec 87
Frazier, Robert Robot Origami (poem) Mar 107
Friesner, Esther M. The Beau and the Beast Mar 144
  Helen Remembers the Stork Club OcN 59
  Last Man Standing (nvlt) Jan 135

Garcia y Robertson, R. Queen of the Balts (nvlt) Feb 70
Garland, Michael: Covers for "Hero, the Movie" Jul  
  "A Quantum Bit Exists in Two States" Sep  
Gerrold, David Chester (nvlt) Jun 55
  A Quantum Bit Exists in Two States Simultaneously: Off Sep 150
  A Quantum Bit Exists in Two States Simultaneously: On Sep 8
Goulart, Ron Cannibal Farm Dec 102
  The Secret of the Scarab Apr 60

Haldeman, Joe Foreclosure OcN 77
Hand, Elizabeth Books Jan,May,Aug  
  Echo OcN 171
Hardy, David A.: Cover for "The Wall of America" Mar  
Harris, S. Cartoons May, Jun, Jul, Aug  
Hobson, M. K. Domovoi Apr 41
Hughes, Matt: Cover for "The Gist Hunter" Jun  
Hughes, Matthew Finding Sajessarian Apr 129
  The Gist Hunter (nvlt) Jun 121
  Inner Huff (nvlt) Feb 6
  Help Wonted (nvlt) OcN 94
  Thwarting Jabbi Gloond (nvlt) Aug 5

Irvine, Alex The Golems of Detroit May 37
  The Lorelei (nvlt) Jan 7

Jacobs, Harvey A Friendly Little Oasis Apr 90

Killheffer, Robert K.J. Books Apr, Sep  

Laidlaw, Marc Sweetmeats Jun 83
Langford, David Curiosities Jun  
Lawrence, Jaye Fallen Idols OcN 153
Lee, Yoon Ha Eating Hearts Jun 50
Libling, Michael The Gospel of Nate (nvlt) Apr 99
Lien, Dennis Curiosities Dec  
Link, Kelly Magic for Beginners (novella) Sep 46
Long, Bill Cartoons OcN  

MacIntyre, F. Gwynplaine Curiosities Mar,Aug
Maio, Kathi Films Apr, Jun, Jul, Sep  
Manzieri, Maurizio Cover for "The Harrowing" Apr  
Masear, Arthur Cartoons Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Sep,OcN,Dec 
McAllister, Bruce Hero, the Movie (nvlt) Jul 130
  Spell Aug 118
McDaid, John G. Keyboard Practice, Consisting of an Aria with Diverse Variations for the Harpsichord with Two Manuals (nvlt) Jan 44
Meek, Connie Braton Curiosities Feb  
Michaud, Al Ayuh, Clawdius (nvlt) Mar 44
Mirabelli, Eugene The Woman in Schrödinger's Wave Equations Aug 143
Morressy, John The Legend of the Whiney Man Jun 106
  The Tournament at Surreptitia (nvlt) Jul 6
Mueller, Richard Age of Miracles Sep 35
  Dutch Feb 144
Murphy, Pat, and Paul Doherty Science Mar,OcN  

O'Keefe, Claudia Black Deer Apr 81
  Maze of Trees (nvlt) Aug 38

Popkes, Steven The Great Caruso May 6
Porges, Arthur Born Bad Jan 92
  What I Owe to Rick Sep 106
Pratchett, Terry Ode to Multiple Universes (poem) OcN 126

Reed, Robert The Cure Dec 67
  From Above Feb 50
  The New Deity May 119
  Poet Snow Jun 38
  Pure Vision Aug 130
  Think So? Jul 90
Rickert, M. The Harrowing Apr 146
  A Very Little Madness Goes a Long Way Aug 100
Rini, J. P. Cartoons May, Aug, Sep  
Robertson, R. Garcia y See Garcia y Robertson, R.    
Rosenblum, Mary Gypsy Tail Wind Aug 71
Ryman, Geoff The Last Ten Years in the Life of Hero Kai (nvlt) Dec 126

Sallis, James Books Mar,Jul,Dec  
Scholz, Carter I Didn't Know What Time It Was Sep 97
Schweitzer, Darrell Curiosities Sep  
Shanahan, Danny Cartoons Jan,Aug,Sep,OcN,Dec  
Shepard, Lucius Films Jan,Mar,May,Aug,OcN,Dec  
Sherman, Delia Walpurgis Afternoon (nvlt) Dec 8
Shockley, Gary W. Late Show Mar 108
Shultz, Mike Old as Books Jul 118
  Refried Clichés: A Five-Course Meal Aug 89
Skal, David J. Films Feb  
Steele, Allen M. An Incident at the Luncheon of the Boating Party Dec 60
Sterling, Bruce The Blemmye's Strategem (nvlt) Jan 97
  The Denial Sep 133

Thurston, Robert I.D.I.D. (nvlt) May 131
Turtledove, Harry Bedfellows Jun 77

Utley, Steven Curiosities May  
  Promised Land Jul 96
  Silv'ry Moon OcN 157

Van Scyoc, Sydney J. Poppies by Moonlight Dec 44

Webster, Bud Curiosities Apr  
Wentworth, K.D. Born-Again May 48
West, Michelle Musing on Books Feb,Jun,OcN  
Wolfe, Gene The Gunner's Mate OcN 132

Young, Jim The Pitiless Stars Jul 46
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